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Limits on Summer Enrollment

Summer School courses are part of your regular Brandeis undergraduate record; just like classes taken in the Fall or the Spring terms. 

Brandeis students may take 12 credit hours (three 4-credit courses OR two 4-credit courses and two 2-credit labs) in over the course of a single summer.  The limit on credit hours earned in a single summer also includes credits from any other source if the intent is to use those credits for the purpose of addressing any degree or major requirement.

Within the Brandeis Summer School, there is a maximum of 8 credits in a single summer session.  The following are the only acceptable enrollment patterns:

  • One course in Session I, one course in Session II and one online course
  • One course in Session I and two courses in Session II
  • Two courses in Session I and one course in Session II
  • One course and one lab in each of Session I and Session II

Any other proposed combination of courses are subject to petition to the Summer School Director.  A review of the petitioner’s academic record would be the strongest factor in a petition being approved.

Please review Residency requirements to insure that your academic plans are sound. 

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Preview our 2019 classes

Take a sneak peek at the a preliminary list of courses that the Brandeis Summer School plans to offer in Summer 2019. These courses are not guaranteed but the list is based on the best information we have at the moment. More courses will be added to our offerings in the coming weeks!

Online Summer Classes

If your summer plans take you away from Waltham, you can still earn Brandeis credits and continue your degree progress by taking an online summer course. Presented over 10-weeks in the summer, online courses give you the flexibility to balance your summer work, travel, family commitments and social life.