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Courses for Brandeis University Students Only

Recognizing the value of the internship experience in undergraduate education, a number of academic programs and departments at Brandeis have developed courses that provide supplementary background, perspective and support to internships.  In addition to increasing the depth and value of the student's experience, participation in one of the following courses will also yield academic credit. In some instances, internship agencies require that candidates be enrolled in a credit-bearing program.  There are several options available to students.

Independent Studies

Brandeis students are permitted to design their own Independent Study course working under the guidance of a Brandeis faculty member.


The following steps must be fulfilled before a student will be permitted to enroll in a summer Independent Study (98a/b):
1)  Written verification that the department in question is willing to arrange for one of its faculty members to supervise the independent study course via signature of the instructor and department chairperson on the Registrar's Independent Study form.
2)  The Independent Study form should include the following information:
 • Material to be covered
 • Texts to be read
 • The form of evaluation to be used (papers, texts, etc.)
 • Agreement to submit a letter grade at the end of the session in which the student has enrolled
3) Because each Independent Study is created specifically for each student, students must also complete our hard-copy Brandeis Summer Registration Form (PDF).

4)  The student sends the Independent Study form and Summer School Registration Form to the Summer School Office and pays the applicable tuition and fees ($2569) for one Summer School course.
Your registration form be submitted electronically to, by campus mail to the Summer School Office, MS 084, or in person by visiting our office on the second floor at 480 Old South Street.  As our building is an historic building, it does not have an elevator to make the second floor accessible. Students can request to meet a member of the Summer School Team on the ground floor by calling ahead to 781-736-3424.

Departmental Internships

Some academic departments have created "92" level courses which are designated as internship courses.

The student is responsible for identifying a faculty member to supervise an internship. Each department handles placement differently so it is important to check with the department administration to determine how it is done in that department.

Because each Individual Departmental Internship is created specifically for each student, students should complete the Registrar's Internship Form (PDF) and submit it directly to:

Summer School Office, MS 085
Brandeis University
PO Box 549110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

One-Credit Hour Internship (INT 92G)

INT 92g is an undergraduate 1-credit course offered in the summer that allows students to receive Brandeis credit for a summer internship through additional academic coursework. An appropriate summer internship must include site work with a minimum of 100 hours over the course of at least 5 weeks during the summer. Students must complete the required LATTE online academic requirements by the due date and arrange for their internship supervisor evaluation to be received by the instructor prior to the stated deadline in the syllabus. For international students, enrolling in INT 92g provides academic credit for an internship in their major area of study during the summer.

International students must first enroll in the INT 92g and then obtain the appropriate internship authorization (CPT) from the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) prior to beginning the internship experience. International students wishing to withdraw from INT 92g must first obtain approval from ISSO before terminating the internship. Not doing so may cause a violation of student visa status. You can find more details here

For assistance in finding a Internship, students should consult the Hiatt Career Center.

Questions related to the INT 92g summer internship course content should be directed to Alyssa Canelli 

Visa and CPT questions related to the INT 92g internship course should be directed to the International Students and Scholars Office (

Questions about registration and payment in SAGE should be directed to the Summer School Office.

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