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Brandeis Summer School Online

Online Summer School Courses at Brandeis

How are online classes conducted?

Online courses at Brandeis are generally presented asynchronously using a structured calendar of readings, assignments, and interactions with classmates.  Generally, students do not need to be online in front of their computer at set days and times each week - instead, students have common course deadlines for completing the readings, submitting assignments, critiquing peer work, posting original and thoughtful contributions to online discussion forums, and replying to classmates.

We also limit the size of our online classes to ensure that every student is being heard in the course. Most online Brandeis summer classes have a maximum of 15 students, some of our online courses are even smaller.

Skills students need to succeed in an online course

Students use and develop the following skillsets in our small online classes:

  • Strong reading and writing skills: our courses rely on written material, recorded video, and podcasted audio. In addition to weekly readings, course content may include weekly online “lecture notes,” supplemental readings, articles, case studies, and discussions. Students participate in the course through regular, written assignments, discussion posts, and project work.
  • Effective time-management skills: using the syllabus, weekly checklists, and an online calendar and assignments tool, students follow the course schedule and meet weekly assignment expectations. Students typically spend 18-22 hours per week per course.
  • Comfort with the technology: students learn to use online learning technology effectively and contact student support for technological help as soon as they encounter a problem. All online summer courses are based within the Brandeis LATTE system, the University's online learning environment

What courses are being offered online?

Once our summer offerings are published online, you'll be able to visit our course listings page. Then, to find the online classes, use the "Choose which sessions to display" filter at the top of the page, select "Session 0" to view just the courses that will be offered online.

How do I register?

To ensure students understand the rigor and demands of a summer online course, students are required to complete a free, self-paced orientation on online learning course before being allowed to register. This orientation is available starting in early Spring.

If you are a Brandeis student, you can be enrolled in this online orientation in LATTE in the Spring, just email with your name and the course number of the online course(s) you wish to enroll in once you complete the orientation.

If you are a visiting student, you'll first need to create a Brandeis student record (Link coming in Spring 2019). Once you have a Sage Student ID number and UNet (University Network) account, we can enroll you in the free, self-paced online orientation. You'll also want to review this information about being a visiting student at Brandeis. And to help you transfer your online course to your home college or university, we also make it easy for you to find and view transcripts of all of our summer courses.

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Preview our 2019 classes

Take a sneak peek at the a preliminary list of courses that the Brandeis Summer School plans to offer in Summer 2019. These courses are not guaranteed but the list is based on the best information we have at the moment. More courses will be added to our offerings in the coming weeks!

Online Summer Classes

If your summer plans take you away from Waltham, you can still earn Brandeis credits and continue your degree progress by taking an online summer course. Presented over 10-weeks in the summer, online courses give you the flexibility to balance your summer work, travel, family commitments and social life.