2017 Course Syllabi

Summer 2017 Course Syllabi will be posted here as they are shared by summer instructors. 

Please note that these syllabi are subject to change.

ANTH 5A: Human Origins

ANTH 116A: Human Osteology

ANTH 156A: Power and Violence: The Anthropology of Political Systems

BCHEM 88B: Introductory Biochemistry 

BIOL 15B:  Cells and Organisms

BISC 11A: Biodiversity Connections

CHEM 11A: General Chemistry

CHEM 11B: General Chemistry II

CHEM 18A: General Chemistry Laboratory 

CHEM 18B: General Chemistry, Laboratory II

CHEM 25A: Organic Chemistry, Lecture

CHEM 25B: Organic Chemistry, Lecture 

CHEM 29A: Organic Chemistry, Laboratory I

CHEM 29B: Organic Chemistry, Laboratory II

COSI 11A: Programming in Java

COSI 130A: Introduction to the Theory of Computation 

ECON 10A: Introduction to Microeconomics

ECON 20A: Introduction to Macroeconomics

ECON 80A: Microeconomics Theory 

ECON 83A: Statistics for Economic Analysis 

ECON 171A: Financial Economics 

ENG 21A: Adolescent Literature

ENG 27B: Classic Hollywood Cinema

ENG 33A: Shakespeare

ENG 79A: Beginning Screenplay

ENG 180A: Modern American Short Story

FA 3A: Introduction to Drawing

FA 4A: Sculpture Foundation, 3D Design 

HISP 20B: Continuing Spanish

HIST 56B: World History to 1960

INT 92G: Undergraduate Internship Coursee

LGLS 116B: Civil Liberties: Constitutional Debates

MATH 8A: Introduction to Probability and Statistics 

MATH 10A: Techniques of Calculus

MATH 10B: Techniques of Calculus 

MATH 20A: Techniques of Calculus: Calculus of Several Variables

MATH 37A: Differential Equations

MUS 1A: Exploring Western Music

MUS 21A: History and Practice of Electronic Dance Music: A Global Perspective

MATH 37A: Differential Equations 

NEJS 185B: The Making of the Modern Middle East

NEJS 189A: Arab-Israeli Conflict

NPSY 11B: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience 

PHIL 1A: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 6A: Introduction to Symbolic Logic 

PHYS 10A: Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena I 

PSYC 2A: Psychological and Sociocultural Perspectives on Health

PSYC 51A: Statistics 

PSYC 52A: Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology 

PYSC 177A: Psychology Research into School Bullying: Issues in Methods, Morality and Intervention 

SOC117A: Sociology of Work and Gender

SOC 138A: Sociology of Race, Gender, and Class

SOC191A: Health, Community and Society

THA 15B - 1: Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication

THA 15B - 2: Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication  

THA 71A: Playwriting

THA 130A: Suzuki

UWS 10A: Like, but not Like: Uncanny Futures in Science-Fiction 

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