Tuition and Fees

2015 Summer School Tuition
Lecture Course (4 semester hours) $2,519
Lab Course (2 semester hours) $1,675
Note: Cross registration agreements in effect during the academic year with Babson, Bentley, Tufts, Boston University, Boston College, and Wellesley do not extend to Summer School tuition and fees at Brandeis. Summer School tuition is unrelated to any special rate of work and tuition arrangements approved during a regular academic semester.
Optional On-Campus Housing Charges
Summer Housing $1,250 per 5 week session

Summer Meal Plan - 15 meals per week (mandatory with on-campus housing)
Please note: There are no weekend meal options until July

$830 per 5 week session
Non-refundable Registration and Change of Status Fees
Non-refundable Registration Fee (Once per Summer) $50
Late Registration Fee
(May 23 - June 2 for Session I and Online Session classes; June 27 - July 7 for Session II classes)
Withdrawal or Change of Status Fee $10
Additional Course and Lab Fees
CHEM 18a General Chemistry Laboratory I $100
CHEM 18b
General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 29a
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 29b
Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
FA 3b Introduction to Drawing II: Wet Media $40
FA 9a Introduction to Digital Photography $75
FA 12a Introduction to Printmaking: Intaglio $75
PHYS 18a
Physics for Life Sciences I - Introductory Laboratory
PHYS 18b
Physics for Life Sciences II - Introductory Laboratory

By registering for Brandeis Summer School courses, you are making a financial commitment. Online enrollment through SAGE presumes immediate online payment, or within 72 hours of registration. If you are unable to make payment as soon as you enroll, please wait to enroll until you can complete payment. If payment is not complete within 72 hours or enrollment, you will be asked to withdraw from your courses and re-enroll when payment is possible.

Students whose payers have SAGE proxy log-ins will receive an automatically generated message that contains a different deadline for payment.  This message applies to a Fall Term and Spring Term, not to the Summer Term.   Please advise your proxies about the 72 hour payment deadline.

For information about methods of payment, please see Paying Summer Tuition and Fees.

Tuition Adjustment Policy

If a student drops:
  • before the first day of instruction, they will receive a 100% adjustment of tuition and course fees.
  • on the first day of the session, they will receive a 75% adjustment of tuition and course fees.
  • on the second day of the session, they will receive a 50% adjustment of tuition and course fees.
  • on the third day of the session, they will receive a 25% adjustment of tuition and course fees
  • After the third day of the session, no adjustments will be made for any student withdrawing from courses.
  • Such students may be permitted to transfer to another course within the same session.
  • Registration fees and late registration fees are non-refundable except in the instance that the class is canceled.

Tuition Adjustment Schedule

If you drop a Session I or Online Session course by 5pm on: If you drop a Session II course by 5pm on: You are entitled to the following tuition adjustment:
or before May 29, 2015 or before July 3, 2015 100%
June 1, 2015 July 6, 2015 75%
June 2, 2015 July 7, 2015 50%
June 3, 2015 July 8, 2015 25%
any time after 5pm on June 3, 2015 any time after 5pm on July 8, 2015 0%