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Visiting Summer Students

Visiting Summer Students from Other Colleges and Universities

Since the Brandeis Summer School is an open admission program and relies on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants and can do, visiting students do not need to provide transcripts or proof that a course prerequisite has been satisfied.

Visiting students should check with their home institution (typically our Registrar's Office) regarding the transferability of Brandeis courses back to your school. To assist you in obtaining this permission, we have provided information on course levels and course numbering at Brandeis, as well as draft copies of our summer course syllabi.  One Brandeis semester course credit is equivalent to four units or four credit hours at other universities.

As degree regulations vary among schools, students taking a pass/fail course or one of the few Brandeis courses that are graded as "Credit/No Credit," you should obtain approval from your home institution prior to the summer session.

After your Brandeis summer course has been completed, visiting students need to request an official transcript be sent to their home institution. Federal laws require that the student initiate all transcript requests. This can be done either online in SAGE (the Brandeis registration and records system) or via paper forms which are available through the Brandeis Registrar's Office.


During registration, visiting students are asked to complete a brief form. Registration for Summer 2019 will open in the spring of 2019.

You will then receive an email with a unique student ID number, which will allow you to create your unique Brandeis UNET ID and confidential password. Once you have your UNET set up, you will have access to our SAGE system which will enable you to register for summer courses after you sign the FRA agreement

In some instances, the record you create may be similar to a current student record (i.e. same last name and date of birth) and it will take 24-48 hours to determine if you are a new student or if you already have a Brandeis record. Upon resolution, your Student Record ID and Password will be emailed to you. Once you have completed this process, you can continue with registration in SAGE by following these steps


As an early step in creating a Brandeis academic record, you will be guided through the process of creating a Brandeis UNET ID.  This ID is your "" email address, your log-in to SAGE our student records and billing system and LATTE - home to course websites.   Our email communications with you will be directed to your UNET ID.

Once you have created a UNET you will receive a series of email messages with information you will find useful as your summer session approaches.  Information about campus parking, class locations, and summer activities will be delivered to your Brandeis email address.  If you prefer, you can easily set up your Brandeis emails to forward to another email account.  Please be certain that you either forward your messages or check your Brandeis email regularly.

Financial Aid

Sadly, financial Aid is not available for visiting students through Brandeis. However, you may want to contact the Financial Aid Office at your home college or university to see if there are financial aid options available to you. 


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