Grades, Credits and Transcripts


To view your grades online, log into SAGE, then select "Academics" (the blue hyperlink on the left).  On the next screen, select "Grades" from the column on the right. Hard copies of grade reports are no longer mailed to students.  While some grading activity may take place in LATTE, your official final course grade will be online in SAGE. 

The Brandeis Grading System

For Undergraduates
The following grades will be used with plus or minus, where appropriate:

A    High distinction
B  Distinction
C  Satisfactory
D  Passing but unsatisfactory 
E  Failure

For Graduates
The established grades are A, B, C, D, and E. Grades of A, B, or Credit indicate that the course was passed with distinction. Only courses passed with distinction may be counted toward a high degree. Nothing below a B- is accepted for graduate credit.

With the consent of the director of the Summer School, a student may receive an authorized incomplete. A student receiving a grade of Incomplete will be granted a specific extension of time, in no case later than September TBA. Instructors are required to submit letter grades to replace Incompletes no later than September TBA to avoid conversion to a failing grade of E by the Committee on Academic Standing.

Credit for Current Brandeis Students

Summer School courses are part of your regular Brandeis undergraduate record - just like classes taken in the Fall or the Spring terms. 

There is no limit to the number of Summer School courses students may use toward their degree. There is however a limit on the number if credits earned in a single summer.  Brandeis students may take 12 credit hours (three 4-credit courses OR two 4-credit courses and two 2-credit labs) in a single summer. The three semester course maximum applies to both Brandeis and non-Brandeis summer school courses. The total number of summer courses that can be applied to a student's degree, no matter where the courses are taken, cannot exceed three semester courses.

Brandeis Summer School courses also count toward the University Residency Requirement.  If you are a transfer student, you should refer to the University Bulletin for specific information regarding residency and transfer requirements.

Transferring Course Credit through Transcripts for Visiting and High School Students

If you would like a transcript sent to a college or university, login to SAGE and select "Academics" (the blue hyperlink on the left) and then on the next screen, on the right select “Request Official Transcript.” Then fill in the information on where you would like your transcript sent. Please do not request a transcript until your final course grade appears in SAGE – otherwise a blank transcript might be sent.

In the future, if you lose your SAGE access, you may fill out a paper transcript request form and submit it to the Brandeis Registrar's Office.