Visiting Students

Photo of students

Make the most of your summer in the Boston area.

Students from universities and colleges across the country visit our beautiful campus every summer to take courses for academic credit. This year, you will find even more depth and breadth in our course offerings this year. Most courses are offered on a three-day per week schedule, during the day and at night, making it easier to work and play while you take a class.

Transferring Brandeis credit to your home institution is easy. Please check with the Registrar's office of your home college or university to make sure your Brandeis course credits will transfer to your school and be applied to your degree. Once the summer is over, you can request that an official transcript be sent to your home institution.

Graduate Students

Graduate-level credit may be available to eligible students for certain courses numbered over 100. Each 100+ course description will note whether it has been approved for graduate-level credit. Additional readings and assignments are also required for a course to qualify for graduate-level credit.

Visiting graduate students who wish to receive graduate-level credit for a Brandeis course bearing graduate credit should check with your home institution before enrolling in a course. Graduate students enrolled in such a course are required to complete all additional graduate assignments.