Chaplaincy Report

Last spring we formed a working group to look at the structure and roles of our Chaplaincy services. It was an appropriate time to do so, since we have several transitions in our chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy Working Group was chaired by Wendy Cadge, a sociology professor here and an expert on Chaplaincy services nationally. This small group included an additional member of the faculty, Jonathan Sarna; two of our current chaplains, Elyse Winick and Matthew Carriker; and three students, Elena Insley, Ethan Stein, and Shruti Vaidyanathan; together representing a broad range of our campus faiths and traditions. My great thanks to all of them for their collaborative effort.

Their report contains several ideas and suggestions for discussion and consideration that build on the strengths of our current chaplaincy. Any thoughts you might want to share are most welcome, and can be directed to me, to Jamele Adams, our Dean of Students, or to Professor Cadge via an email set up for this purpose at I have also asked the Student Union to host a discussion of the concepts in the report, if there is an interest in doing so. The report is posted here. To submit anonymous comments on the report, please visit our feedback form.  

Andrew Flagel
Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment

Sheryl Sousa
Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Jamele Adams
Dean of Students