Informational: Watch for Online Prevention Training from CampusClarity

Dear Brandeis Student:

I’m writing to inform you of an important online educational program we will be offering next week for all undergraduate students designed to minimize risks associated with alcohol and drug use, and to prevent sexual violence. This training provides important health information about the potentially dangerous ramifications of alcohol and drugs use and is designed to support you in informed decision-making. Further, because alcohol is the #1 date rape drug on college campuses, this online training also addresses issues of sexual misconduct. As you know, alcohol or drug use is never an excuse for sexually assaulting someone.

The program is offered by CampusClarity, a highly regarded company in the field of online educational resources and tools for campus prevention efforts. We selected CampusClarity because it is a research-based program grounded in current theories for harm-reduction on college campuses. We contracted for the system after a comprehensive national review of services available and, while no system is perfect, our team believes this one is among the best available.

You will receive an invitation shortly to participate in Brandeis's online sexual assault prevention & alcohol awareness education program. This is an important step in understanding our values and learning skills to live our mission in daily life as a positive member of the Brandeis social scene. The training link will be provided by CampusClarity, so please be on the lookout for this email invitation from

We ask that you complete this training by Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Thank you!


Sheryl Sousa ‘90
Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs