Overnight Incidents

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

Apparently unrelated incidents of property defacement on campus were reported on Sept. 25 and 26. Around 7:30 pm and then again at 8:20 pm on Monday, small swastikas were found drawn on message boards outside two rooms within the same residence hall. Public safety officers responded to calls from the community adviser, and the offensive drawings were removed.

This morning, staff reported finding posters around campus targeting pro-Palestinian student groups. The posters were similar to ones occasionally distributed on other campuses by groups that frequently target colleges and universities with such messages. The posters violated Brandeis’ rules for posting notices found in Rights and Responsibilities and were removed.

These incidents remind us that Brandeis is not immune to the expressions of hate we see around the country and on other campuses. We take such incidents seriously and these are being investigated; information has been shared with local law enforcement. We are a community committed to inclusivity, caring and respect. We will continue to strive together toward these ideals. Please remember to always report any property defacement promptly to Public Safety at (781)736-5000.


Edward Callahan
Director of Public Safety                  

Andrew Flagel
Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment