Past Recipients


  • Yair Bar Zuri, "Archival Work and the German Summer Program at the Goethe Institute Tel Aviv"
  • Christiana Botticello, "Mixed Strategies of Nation Building: Constructing Common-State Attachment in the Baltics"
  • Kelsey Davis, "Aleksandr Alekseev: Jewish Conversion Policy in Nineteenth-Century Russia"
  • Golan Moskowitz, "Maurice Sendak's Jewish Distinctiveness and Interiority"
  • Benjamin Steiner, "The Debate over Hebrew Pronunciation in the United Synagogue of Great Britain"
  • Kendra Yarbor, "Patterns of Disruption: Judaism and Islam in Black American Life" 


  • Kelsey Davis, "Preaching to Their Own: How Jewish Converts Shaped Missionary Discourse in Nineteenth-Century Russia"
  • Joanna Spyra, "A History of Disability: the Deaf-Mute Jewish Population in Poland in the Interwar Period"
  • Benjamin Steiner, "Jewish Sex Trafficking and the Response of the British Chief Rabbinate" 


  • Rachel Bernstein, "On the Market: A Study of Millennial Jewish Young Adults Seeking Identity"   
  • Kelsey Davis, "Aleksandr Alekseev: A Convert’s Response to the Jewish Question"
  • Geraldine Gudefin, "An Impossible divorce? Russian Jewish immigrants and Civil Divorce in France (1905-1930)"   
  • Nataliia Laas, "Ethnicity and Commercial Advertising in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s and early 1950s"
  • Michelle Mann, "Not Quite Citizens: Rethinking the Dynamics of Jewish and Muslim Military Service in Colonial Algeria, 1914-1918"
  • Joanna Martin, "Jamaican Jewish Cemetery Documentation"
  • James Moore, "'I am Unable to do my Job:' Literary Depictions of Scribes and their Profession in the Tale of Ahiqar and Jeremiah 36"   
  • Golan Moskowitz, "Wild, Outside, in the Night: Maurice Sendak, Queer American Jewishness, and the Child"    
  • Ben Steiner, "The Rothschild Ketubah: The Modern Voice of Traditional Jewish Marriage"   
  • Amber Taylor, "From Zion to the Land of Jerusalem: The History of the Mormon Presence in Jerusalem, 1841-1989"


  • Patrick Brown, "Revolution in the Working-Class: Community, Conflict, and Identity in Nizhnii Novgorod, 1917-1941"
  • Bronson Brown-deVost, "Working with Dead Sea Scrolls Pesher Manuscripts"
  • Natalie Cornett, "How Did Polish Feminists Respond to Antisemitism?"
  • Geraldine Gudefin, "'Divorced without Law'?: Jewish Immigrants and Divorce in New York (1881-1935)"
  • Golan Moskowitz, "Welcomed and Forbidden: Sendak and Jewish American Self-Making"
  • Karen Spira, "Urban Orphans: Education, Rehabilitation, and Acculturation in Jerusalem’s Jewish Orphanages (1919-1959)"
  • Amber Taylor, "American Christians in the Jewish Holy Land: Foundations of American Christian Pilgrimage and Tourism in the State of Israel"


  • Allyson Gonzalez, “Jewish Self-Fashioning in Modern Spain: From Constructed Marranism to Icons of Womanhood”
  • Geraldine Gudefin, “Navigating Two Legal Worlds: Civil and Religious Divorce in the Jewish Communities of France and the United States (1880s -WWI)”
  • April French, “Belonging to Israel: Father Aleksandr Men’s Jewish Identity as a Reflection of the Twentieth-Century Soviet Nexus of the Religious and the Secular”
  • Golan Moskowitz, “Wild and Alone: Sendak’s Queer Post-Holocaust Neverland”
  • Jason Olson, “The Impact of the Six-Day War on Jewish-Christian Relations in America”
  • Amber Taylor, “Israeli Tour Guides and Their Christian Comrades”

2012 - 2013

  • Lucia Finotto, NEJS, "Between Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin: Jewish Translators of Islamic Sciences in the Medieval Kingdom of Sicily"
  • Allison Gonzalez, NEJS, "A Cultural History of Spanish Jewish Writer Rafael Cansinos Assens"
  • Geraldine Gudefin, History, "The Law of 1905 and the French Jewish Community"
  • Peter Novick, Comparative History, "Visions of Jewish Domination in the Plutodemocrazie"
  • Jason Olson, NEJS, "The Impact of the Six-Day War on Jewish-Christian Relations in America"

2011 - 2012

  • Simone Diender, History, "Religion and Citizenship in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1938-1972"
  • Zev Ellef, NEJS, "Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler and the Invention of Transatlantic Judaism"
  • Lucia Finoto, NEJS, "Reading Maimonides and Averroes in Medieval Southern Italy: Moses Ben Solomon of Salerno and his Christian Interlocutors"
  • Allyson Celeste Gonzalez, NEJS, "Casinos Assens and A.S. Yehuda/Jerusalem Connection"
  • Susanna Klosko, NEJS/Israel Studies, "Suicide and Mental Illness among Russian Olim 1880-1920"
  • Golan Moskowitz, NEJS, "Grandsons Who Remember: Intersections of Holocaust Heritage and Contemporary Male Positioning"
  • Monika Rice, NEJS, "Encounters with Poles after the War in Jewish Testimonies, Diaries, and Memoirs"
  • Emily Sigalow, NEJS/Sociology, "Jews on Zafus?!: A Study of Jewish-Buddhist Lived Hybridity"
  • Amber Taylor, NEJS, "Ezra T. Benson and Israel: A Mormon American Leader's Relationship with the Jewish State"

2010 - 2011

  • Allyson C. Gonzalez, NEJS, "Cansinos-Assens and the Return to Sepharad"
  • Amaryah Orenstein, History, "'Every Jew a .22' The Jewish Defense League and the Struggle for Soviet Jewry"
  • Monika Rice, NEJS, "'Are You Still Alive?' First Encounter of Jewish Survivors with Their Former Polish Neighbors in Post-War Accounts"
  • Daniel Schwartz, NEJS, The "National Question": Jews, Belorussians, and Agitation Trial


  • Ofir Abu, Politics Dpt., “The Attitude of Zionist Leaders towards Arab-Jewish Cooperation in Mixed Cities during the British Mandate: Comparative Study of Jaffa”
  • Eric Fleisch, NEJS, “The State of American Jewish Philanthropic Partnership with Israel: A Case-Based Analysis”
  • Allyson Gonzalez, NEJS, “Speilzeug, Early Modern to Modern German-Jewish History”
  • Amaryah Orenstein, American Studies, “Mr. Birnbaum Goes to Washington: The Struggle for Soviet Jewry and the Jackson-Vanik Amendment”
  • Daniel Schwartz, NEJS, “Before the Law: Agitation Trials and the Creation of a Modern Jewish Legal Consciousness in NEP Era Russia”
  • Deborah E. Skolnick, NEJS, “Jewish Women Philanthropy”


  • Shirly Bahar, "Lavie Fighter Project: Raffi Lavie and Representations of Masculinities"
  •  Lucia Finotto, "Between Arabic, Hebrew and Italian, Jewish Translators of Islamic Science in the 12th and 13th-century Kingdom of Sicily"
  • Jason Lustig, "Foundation and Transformation of Amer. Council for Judaism"
  • Mina Muraoka, "Jews and the Russo-Japanese War: Ther Triangular Relationship between Jewish POWs, Japan and Jacob H. Schiff"
  • Alexandra Tali Herzog, "The Erotic Underworld of Isaac Bashevis Singer"
  • Amaryah Orenstein, "Let My people Go:" Jacob Birnbaum and the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry"

2007 - 2008

  • Rachel L. Fish, Brandeis University, “Evolution of the Bi-Nationalist Idea within Zionist Thought: Case Studies of Hans Kohn and Martin Buber.”
  • Rachel Gordan, Harvard University, “Post-WWII American Judaism: How Judaism Became an American Religion.”
  • Kelly Scott Johnson, Harvard University, “Sholem Schwarzbard in Paris: Immigrant, Soldier, Assassin.”
  • Martyna Rusiniak, Warsaw University, “The Jewish Labor Bund in Post-Holocaust Poland.”

2006 - 2007

  • Karen Auerbach, Brandeis University, "Reconstructed Communities: A Social History of Jewish Life and Assimilation in Walbrzych, Poland After World War II"
  • Julia Phillips Cohen, Stanford University, "Celebrations of Empire: The Shaping of Late Ottoman Jewish Identity, 1856-1912"
  • Rachel L. Fish, Brandeis University, "Bi-Nationalist Idea Within Zionist Thought and Israel Studies"
  • Ronnie Fraser, University of London, "Relationships of the Trade Unions, The UC, the Left and Israel"
  • Jeffrey Koerber, Clark University, "View from the Borderlands: Jews in Belorussia and Poland, 1935-1945"
  • Amaryah S. Orenstein, Brandeis University, "Antisemitism in the United States: A Comparative Study of Three Episodes"
  • Parmenion Papmichos-Chronakis, University of Crete, "Zionism, Hellenization and the Jewish Middle Class in Interwar Thessaloniki, 1918-1936"
  • Dylan Trigg, University of Sussex, "The Architecture of Trauma: Memory, Place and Testimony"