Grants for Integration of Open Educational Resources and Affordable Course Materials

Each year the cost of higher education rises. Tuition and fees are commonly recognized as barriers to higher education, but the unexpected costs of reading and study materials are a burden for students as well.  Consider that learning materials often exceed over $1000 a year for students.. As a result, students may not buy the learning materials, pirate them or use other cost mitigating strategies that have a negative impact on their education. Students may attempt to succeed in courses despite not buying the textbooks or outright avoid certain courses due to expensive required materials.


To address the high cost of these academic resources, faculty are invited to apply to newly available funding from the Library as well as the Center for Teaching and Learning to support the incorporation of quality open and affordable course materials. Faculty interested in implementing a new curricular resource strategy may receive funds in amounts from $500-$1000. Funds will be awarded for projects that adapt, adopt, or build open and affordable materials.  For more information about open education resources (OER) and affordable learning materials, see below.


These funds can support a variety of efforts towards the reduction of costly course materials, including:

  • The development of original teaching materials

  • The integration of publicly accessible articles or text

  • The incorporation of library materials available through subscriptions


Applications for the Spring 2018 grants are open. All applications must be submitted by February 19, 2018 by midnight. Decisions will be released by March 1, 2018. Consultations with Librarians or Instructional Designers are encouraged prior to application submission.

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