Letter from the Chair

Who We Are: Liberal Arts in Action

Faculty Adrianne Krstansky in Faculty Adrianne Krstansky in "The Bacchae" (2006)

Dear Students,

Theater can teach you to perform confidently in an ever changing world. Theater is liberal arts in action. Our classes and productions immerse students in the practice of commitment, collaboration, working under pressure, total body and mind engagement and the generous act of sharing with an audience. These skills are life skills there won't be a field you enter where you won't rely on these skills and your ability to apply them to make meaningful connections, work with colleagues, lead large groups, and innovate the next big idea.

The Brandeis Department of Theater Arts’ rich history is embedded in the legacy of Leonard Bernstein and the gifted collaborators who invigorated Spingold Theater Center into being. You, our students, bring a wide range of experience and talent to our department through your studies, which are as diverse as the sciences, social sciences, education, literature and the other creative arts. The study of theater arts requires that you stretch your imagination, gather your academic research and put it into action culminating in a performance, design work, written script or scholarly paper. We stand on the shoulders of the visionary artists who brought all of the Brandeis Creative Arts Departments to life and endeavor to instill in you the same kind of artistic innovation, discipline and courage.

As faculty and staff we strive to uphold several core values that we recognize through our own professional lives and continuing study to be vital to the education of young theater artists.

Invitation from the Chair and Academic Office

To all prospective students and parents, we are so glad you are taking the time to look at our website and learn more about our department. You are most welcome to visit anytime, sit in on a class, meet faculty, staff and students and discuss with us your dreams and goals for your college experience and further immersion in the arts. At the forefront of our department is a strong community of students, faculty and staff who work every day toward the common privilege of creating and discussing the world of theater through classes, lectures, workshops and performances. We value our role within the university as an incubator for difficult conversations and the way that we can present these discussions on stage. It would be a great joy to meet you in the future.

Adrianne Krstansky
The Barbara Sherman '54 and Malcolm L. Sherman Chair of Theater Arts

Alicia Hyland
Director of Academic Programming and Senior Academic Administrator