• Hain Lifescience
    Hain Lifescience GmbH, founded in 1988, is the manufacturer and distributor of molecular diagnostic systems and instruments. The focus of the company today is the independent development, production and distribution of modern diagnostic test systems and lab equipment. With these products definite statements can be made, for example about the presence of hereditary diseases. Other test systems are used to identify bacteria which cause diseases such as tuberculosis, MRSA or other serious infections.
  • Arizona State University (Microscale Life Sciences Center)
    The goal of the MLSC is to develop instruments that can measure multiple parameters in living cells in real time. This will allow researchers to correlate cellular events with known genomic information and promises to open up entirely new fields of research. By studying many cell types, we avoid the heterogeneity currently hampering disease diagnosis. As the science advances, we will focus on genomics and health in cells. The impact of this research includes improving our understanding and treatment of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

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  • Molecular Beacons
    A new tool for increasing the effectiveness and lowering the cost of clinical diagnostic assays.