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Attendees are encouraged to read a draft circulated the week prior to each workshop.

To sign up for the listserv and receive these manuscripts, email Doug Bafford.

About Us

About the Workshop for Critical Inquiry and Education

In its inaugural year, the Workshop for Critical Inquiry and Education (WCIE) is providing an interdisciplinary platform to develop new research with participants culled from across the university. We strive to practice and teach the basics of critical inquiry that undergird the university’s intellectual life.

Created as an experimental venue to support innovation in the undergraduate curriculum, this workshop offers a chance to build connections among faculty, students and the general public who may not otherwise be in conversation with one another.

Please address any questions or suggestions to the series coordinator, Doug Bafford.

About the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program

The WCIE was established to support the curriculum of Brandeis’s Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP), a one-year select-cohort program designed to enact the university’s commitment to social justice. This intensive program offers training and preparation for students who have not had access to high-quality academic resources in the past but who have shown promise to succeed in a liberal-arts university setting.

For more information about the program, visit the Brandeis’s Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program website or email the program’s senior department coordinator, Lily Pineiro.