Creating a Simple HTML Transcript

Writing a Transcript

Before you create your own transcript in Microsoft Word

Turn off Special Characters
  1. Open "Preferences" under the Word menu (next to File) in MSWord.
  2. Click on "AutoCorrect."

Please note: These directions are for MSWord 2016 for MAC. Steps may vary in other versions.

Creating the HTML File

Once your transcript has been written

  1. Send the file (Word, Google Doc, Text doc) to
  2. Someone in Digital Communications will convert the file to screen reader-friendly html and return it to you. Note, this may take up to a week.
  3. Upload the file to the CMS as you normally would (see the CMS guide (pdf) page 23 for help uploading files in the zeta templates; or the CMS Guide website for help uploading files in the responsive templates).
  4. Be sure to put a link to your transcript on the page with your audio or video.