Sample Transcript

Afternoon Coffee

[a couple sits at a table in a coffee shop]

Angela Hernandez: [Taking a sip from her mug] Wow, this coffee is hot.

Jordan Walsh: Really? Mine could be hotter. In fact, I think I’ll ask the guy at the counter to heat it up. [Jordan stands and walks off screen.]

[Angela flips through a magazine. A man approaches]

Man 1: Hi, is this seat taken?

Angela: Yes, my friend is...

[Jordan returns with his mug]

Jordan: [sarcastically rolling his eyes] Awesome. I’m gone 30 seconds and you’re giving my seat away to the highest bidder?

[Angela laughs]

Man 1: [Blushing] She was just telling me the seat was taken. Sorry to have bothered you. [Man leaves scene]

Jordan: [looking surprised] Gee, sensitive guy, I was only kidding.

Angela: [looking at her magazine again] Mm-hmm. So, is your coffee the perfect temperature now?

Jordan: Even Goldilocks would approve.