2015-2016 Composition Courses

Note: The registration period for Fall 2015 will begin on Wednesday, July 8th and end on Monday, July 13th. You will be assigned to a Composition section prior to July 8th, but will be able to switch your section during this registration period.

Please note that there are two different Composition sections: COMP 1a and COMP 1b. COMP 1a is primarily for non-native speakers of English. If English is not your first language, we recommend you select a section of COMP 1a for your requirement. Enrollment to COMP 1b is open to native speakers of English.

Students may fulfill Composition with either 1a or 1b and are encouraged to swap into a section that fits their schedule on a space available basis.

Students placed in Composition (excluding midyears) will participate in the UWS lottery for Spring 2016 only.

Fall 2015 Composition Sections

Spring 2016 Composition Sections 

• See the 
Brandeis University Bulletin for undergraduate writing requirements

• Further information and frequently asked questions regarding the writing program, including composition, can be found here.