2014-2015 Composition Courses


Note: Students placed in COMP will automatically be assigned to a section prior to July registration. There is no COMP lottery. Incoming students will be able to swap into any open section of COMP during July registration. However, they are required to take COMP in their first semester. 

During July registration, there is no permission required to enroll or drop COMP sections. Beginning August 19, permission is required to enroll or drop COMP in fall.

Students required to take Composition who have not enrolled in a section as of August 1 will be automatically placed in a section of COMP based on their class schedule. Midyears placed in COMP will be able to swap sections during July
registration in spring only.

Finally, incoming fall students placed in COMP prior to June 12 will participate in the UWS lottery for spring only.

Fall 2014 Composition Sections

Spring 2015 Composition Sections

• See the 
Brandeis University Bulletin for undergraduate writing requirements

• Further information and frequently asked questions regarding the writing program, including composition, can be found here.