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Malcolm Watson


Brown  105

Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology

Professor Malcolm Watson (Psychology)

Professor Malcolm Watson (Psychology)

"I am teaching a psych WI class with both advanced undergraduates and graduate students, and I'm going all out: each class (3 hours, once a week) has a writing lesson of about an hour.  And the writing sections are going really well because I'm splitting the class into small groups--something I've never done before.  I give them small exercises and mix up the groups each week.  Students now are willing to talk and to work together on writing." —Professor Malcolm Watson

Lesson plans

  •  Lesson plan and handout on introductions (doc)
  •  Lesson plan and handout on conclusions (doc)
  •  Lesson plan on diagramming research reviews (doc)
  •  Exercise on spotting loser sentences (doc)
  •  Tips on writing Psychology papers (doc)
  •  Handout on APA Citation (doc)