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John Plotz


Office: Rabb  264

Reading Literature

Professor John Plotz (English)

Professor John Plotz (English)

"I hadn’t done pre-draft assignments before, but I’m liking them. We did a pre-draft and a thesis exercise that is a sort of partnering.  I’m interested in the in-class collaboration because it might be less risky for people.  The first exercises were about trying to get them to have their head down in the books.  After a pre-draft, we gave them the rubric, talked about it, used it to look at their intros; we gave them the option to do a draft, and we gave them feedback on those, and we met with a lot of them.  They got the draft back and had a week to revise.  " —Professor John Plotz

Writing Assignments

  • Close-reading assignment on poetry, with pre-draft (doc)
  • Research assignment (doc)

In-Class Exercises

  •  Exercise on note-taking (doc)
  •  Exercise on revising a thesis with the grading rubric (doc)
  •  Exercise on poetry (doc)
  •  Exercise on annotated bibliographies (doc)