Fall 2010 WI Courses

Note: this list may not include very recently approved WI courses.  If you would like a totally up-to-date list of WI courses, please click here.  Select "wi" under "req" and "fall 2010" under "term"


6016 AAAS 79B 1 Afro-American Literature of the Twentieth Century Smith,Faith Lois

4038 AAAS 126B 1 Political Economy of the Third World Nyangoni,Wellington

4055 AMST 100A 1 Classic Texts in American Culture to 1900 Farrelly,Maura Jane

4154 ANTH 144A 1 The Anthropology of Gender Lamb,Sarah

5337 ANTH 144A 2 The Anthropology of Gender Lamb,Sarah

5454 BIOL 155A 1 Project Laboratory in Genetics and Genomics Morris,James R.

5608 CHEM 59A 1 Advanced Experimental Chemistry I Xu,Bing

6292 CHEM 59A 2 Advanced Experimental Chemistry I Xu,Bing

4885 CHIN 105A 1 Advanced Conversation and Composition I Lu,Xiwen

5119 CHIN 120A 1 Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Staff

4871 ECS 100A 1 European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Modernism Dowden,Stephen

5138 ED 155B 1 Education and Social Policy Levenson,Marya

5460 ENG 1A 1 Introduction to Literary Studies Plotz,John

6072 ENG 46B 1 American Gothic Romantic Fiction Burt,John

6075 ENG 64B 1 From Libertinism to Sensibility: Pleasure and the Theater, 1660-1800 King,Thomas

6298 ENG 79A 1 Directed Writing: Beginning Screenplay Weinberg,Marc

6297 ENG 79B 1 Writing Workshop: From Memory to Craft Benedict,Elizabeth

4351 ENG 109B 1 Directed Writing: Short Fiction Benedict,Elizabeth

4352 ENG 119A 1 Directed Writing: Fiction McCauley,Stephen D.

6081 ENG 119B 1 Directed Writing: Poetry Broumas,Olga

6198 FA 63A 1 The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt Unglaub,Jonathan W

4457 FA 197B 1 Methods and Approaches in the History of Art McClendon,Charles

4963 FREN 106B 1 The Art of Composition Voiret,Martine

5034 FREN 110A 1 Cultural Representations Harder,Hollie

4851 HBRW 123A 1 Creative Reading and Writing in Hebrew I Azoulay,Bracha

5305 HBRW 146A 1 The Voices of Jerusalem Hascal,Sara

5505 HBRW 161B 1 What's Up?: Hebrew through Israeli News Media Porath,Bonit

6215 HBRW 164B 1 Israeli Theater Hascal,Sara

5334 HISP 106B 1 Spanish Composition, Grammar, and Stylistics Reyes de Deu,Lucia Teresa

6094 HIST 123B 1 Reformation Europe (1400-1600) Sreenivasan,Govind

6099 HIST 169A 1 Thought and Culture in Modern America Engerman,David

6103 JOUR 109B 1 Digital and Multimedia Journalism Bass,Alison

5159 JOUR 138B 1 The Contemporary World in Print McNamara,Eileen

3956 MATH 23B 1 Introduction to Proofs Fishman,Lior

6125 PHIL 133A 1 Consciousness, Brain, and Self  Samet,Jerry

6089 PHYS 39A 1 Advanced Physics Laboratory Meyer,Robert B

6175 POL 151A 1 Seminar: Cultural Pluralism and Democratic Governance Burg,Steven L.

4574 PSYC 52A 1 Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology Wright,Ellen J

5139 PSYC 52A 2 Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology Staff

5560 PSYC 160B 1 Seminar on Sex Differences Wright,Ellen J

3999 THA 4B 1 Acting II: Language in Action Morrison,Janet

4000 THA 104A 1 Playwriting McKittrick,Ryan