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Our Team


Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann is an advanced PhD Candidate in European History, co-Director of the Brandeis University Writing Program, and Education Coordinator for the Graduate Student Association. Her academic scholarship focuses on nationalism, citizenship and colonialism in France and the Mediterranean. During her time at Brandeis, she has worked with the History, English, French, and Global Studies departments to develop and teach a wide range of writing-intensive subjects, and was the recipient of the 2014 University Prize Instructorship. She specializes in the pedagogy of critical analysis, research and writing, and after graduation her goal is to develop  innovative university programs that emphasize the integration of historical knowledge and  critical thinking methods across the curriculum.

Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton is a PhD candidate in History with nearly a decade of professional writing and teaching experience. At Brandeis, she has taught in the University Writing Program for the past five years, and her courses have covered topics including the history of environmentalism and issues surrounding food and farming in modern America. A former newspaper journalist, she has worked in University communications and her essays have appeared on NPR. She earned her B.A. from Brown University, where she studied History and Literary Arts. In her spare time, she competes in triathlons.  



Field of Study

Scott Schnur

Social Anthropology, MA

Micheal Dale

Philosophy, MA

Alex Luu

Computational Linguistics, MA

Sana Naemm

Social Policy, PhD

Doug Bafford

Anthropology, PhD

Thomas Bertorelli


Margot Kotler

English & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality, MA

Katie Nadeau

English, PhD

Ryan Collins

Anthropology, PhD

Matthew Schratz

English, PhD

Courtney Pina Miller

English, PhD

Teresa Sherman

Sustainable International Development, MA/MBA

Gina Pugliese

English, PhD

Michael Mirer

English, PhD

Jake Burg

English, PhD

Marilyn Bean

Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, MA

Elliott Rousseau

Anthropology, MA

Erin Erhart

English, PhD

Amber Taylor


Christina Hutson

Sociology and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, MA

Philip Carlisle

English and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, MA

Abigail Arnold

English, PhD

Joshua Freedline

Anthropology, MA

Noah Steinberg -DiStefano

International Development, Heller, MA