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Our Team


Brenden O'Donnell

Brenden O'Donnell is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. He has six years of experience as a Writing Center Consultant, and has taught UWS classes on popular fiction and addiction literature. His dissertation focuses on the discursive overlaps and conflicts between LGBT literature and addiction recovery. He holds a BA from Duquesne University and a Joint MA in English and Women's and Gender Studies from Brandeis.

Courtney Pina Miller 

Courtney Pina Miller is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. She has worked as a tutor in the Writing Center, teaches a UWS course on white trash, and teaches in the English Language Program and Gateway Scholars Program. She also works with students in the SSSP. Outside of Brandeis, she taught writing and literature courses at Loyola Marymount University, where she received her MA in English Literature. She holds a BA in American Literature and Culture from UCLA. Her doctoral research involves examining representations of working class people and spaces in modernist literature in America, England, and Ireland.

Senior Writing Center Consultants

Jake Burg -- English PhD

Paige Eggebrecht -- English PhD

Writing Center Consultants

Nicole Adams -- English PhD

Amber Brown -- Anthropology/WGS MA

Kurt Cavender -- English PhD

Jordan Clapper -- English PhD

Alie Collins -- Sustainable International Development MBA/MA

Sierra Dakin Kuiper -- Anthropology MA

Aayush Desai -- International Business School MSF

Monica Doebel -- WGS MA

Zach Elliott -- Ancient Greek + Roman Studies MA

Emiliano Gutierrez -- English PhD

Kathryn Joseph -- Ancient Greek + Roman Studies MA

Haley Kandler -- Anthropology/WGS MA

Matt Linton -- History PhD

Meredith Marx -- Sustainable International Development MA

Patience Misner -- Sustainable International Development MA/MS

Chisom Onyekaonwu -- International Business School MSF

Ruthie Portes -- Ancient Greek + Roman Studies MA

Matt Previto -- Ancient Greek + Roman Studies MA

Bill Price -- English PhD

Noam Schiff -- English PhD

Visruthi Sharma -- International Economics and Finance MA