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We also offer tutorials on developing peer reading skills and organizing collaborative writing workshops among graduate students.

If you are interested in additional assistance, please contact Steven Pieragastini and Tina Van Kley at writingcenter@brandeis.edu.

Services for Graduate Students

The Brandeis Writing Center has specialized services for graduate students. Our graduate-level consultants are trained to help with scholarly and English language concerns and will work with you on a wide variety of writing needs:

  • seminar and research papers
  • dissertation chapters
  • scholarly articles
  • research proposals and abstracts
  • fellowship applications

We can help you develop organizational strategies, enhance your approach to logical structure and thesis-driven arguments, and improve your grammar and style. Sessions are collaborative and client-driven, but be aware that 45 minutes goes quickly when working with longer documents. As a graduate student, you may contact the Writing Center staff to request permission to sign up for back-to-back appointments for a 90-minute session if are working on a long project such as a Master's thesis or dissertation chapter. Regardless of the length of the session, it is best to arrive with a sense of your specific writing concerns and to bring fewer than 20 pages to each session.

If you would like your session to focus specifically on English grammar, consider signing up for one of our Grammar Consultant appointments.

Please be aware that we are not an editing service. We do not offer line-by-line proofreading of large documents, but we can provide strategies to help you do this on your own.

Also, please note that we do not provide any distance services at this time. We can only offer tutoring sessions in person.