Did you know?

At the Writing Center, we promote the idea that effective writing is a process, and we are happy to talk with you about your writing at all phases of that process, from initial brainstorming work to the final editing phase.

Grammar Sessions


The Writing Center offers 30 minute sessions for students who want to concentrate on correcting grammar in their essays. This service is designed to be more than simply proofreading -- rather, we show students how to spot common errors and help them develop useful self-correcting strategies. To make an appointment, simply click on one of the 30-minute slots that are listed as 'Grammar Session' on our scheduling calendar.

Important Policies for Grammar Sessions

  • This service is primarily intended for students who have already revised their papers, and who have addressed content issues (i.e. thesis, evidence, analysis and structure). Granular corrections are of limited value while you are still making changes to your text. If a tutor notices significant content-based issue with a paper, they might recommend that you return to see them after scheduling a regular 45 minute session.
  • If you have been told that you need to see a Writing Tutor, and you return to the Grammar Tutor without proof that you have completed a writing consultation session, you may be refused service until you have completed this requirement.