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Important Policies

Please be aware of the following policies:

Attendance & Cancellation
  • Undergraduate students may only sign up for one session per day. If you are a graduate student, or have a long project (such as a senior thesis, Master's thesis, or dissertation chapter) and would like extra time, please ask the permission of the Writing Center directors ( before booking multiple sessions in one day.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so at least three hours BEFORE your appointment. Any student who misses their appointment or unenrolls from it less than three hours beforehand will not be allowed to use the online scheduler and will be restricted to drop-in sessions only.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late forfeit their session. It is up to the tutor to decide whether to keep the appointment if you show up late and no other student has claimed it.
  • Students may only make appointments for themselves. We assume the person who signs up will be the one who attends the session, and we reserve the right to request that students show their Brandeis ID cards. If a student signs up under someone else's name, both students will be restricted from full use of the Writing Center. Students may only bring in their own work; bringing in another student's work will result in restriction from the Writing Center.
Working with the Consultants
  • Please arrive with a hard copy of your essay. Tutors will not work from laptops or virtual copies.
  • Tutors will not proofread your essay. 
  • Tutors can only work with 10 pages of writing at most. If you have a long essay, choose the section(s) with which you would most like help.
  • Our sessions are designed for one-on-one instruction, and that is the format that we recommend. At times students will come to the center seeking help on a group project. Tutors reserve the right to either host group consultations or to turn the group away. Because our tutors are trained to evaluate and work through the entire context of the assignment with a student, they are the best judge of whether a group session will be productive.
  • Writing Center consultants are not permitted to help students with mid-term, take-home, or final exams without the permission of the instructor. If you think the nature of your assignment will be unclear to the consultant, please ask your instructor to email giving you permission you to work on your paper at the Writing Center.
  • Tutors can only help you with your own original work. We consider it a violation of the university's policy on academic integrity if you bring your friends' work and pass it off as your own and, consequently, we may restrict your further use of the Writing Center.

Disciplinary Policies

Our disciplinary policies are strict but mostly impermanent. This design enables as many students as possible to maintain access to our services, and preserves preference to students who respect the value of consultations and of their peers’ access to them.

  • Two-week probation consists of restriction from our online reservation service, though prohibited students may utilize our drop-in sessions. 
    • One instance of the following offenses results in probation: 1) failing to show up for an appointment ("no show") and 2) rude, abusive, or disrespectful behavior
    • Two instances of the following results in probation: 1) cancellation within three hours of your appointment, and 2) booking more appointments than allowed (one per day for undergraduates)
      • In case 2, the surplus appointment(s) will be cancelled (the earliest appointment will remain) and the student will be warned accordingly
  • Semester-long bans consist of restriction from all writing center services for the remainder of the semester. They occur in the following cases:
    • A prohibited student uses our online reservation system before their probation ends
    • A student repeats the same offense in one semester (2-3 times, depending on offense)
  • Permanent bans consist of a student's permanent restriction from the writing center, and occur on a case-by-case basis

If you are a student with a documented disability on record at Brandeis, we encourage you to use our services. You can select a regular consultant and schedule sessions in advance. Our consultants will be happy to work with you for extended periods of time whenever possible. The Writing Center encourages you to inform your consultant that you have a disability, and to let him or her know about any writing strategies you find helpful. All students who use the Writing Center can rely on a strict policy of confidentiality.

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