Manage your session

In order to give other students a chance to take your open slot, we ask that you unenroll at least three hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Students who fail to cancel their reservation on time or do not show up for the scheduled session will be asked to use only the drop-in appointments.

To cancel your appointment, find it on your personal Google Calendar.

For information or to ask questions, please email 

Make a Reservation

The Writing Center is now open for scheduled appointments from 10:30-6:00, Monday-Friday and drop-in hours Monday-Thursday, 6:00-9:00.  To reserve a session, click on the link at the right.


We use Google Calendar to book all appointments. Make sure your personal calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Otherwise you may be booking an appointment at the wrong time by mistake (most Google Calendars use Greenwich Mean Time (GST) as the default. If you do not change this, you may think you are signing up for a 5pm appointment, for example, when in fact you are signing up for a 12pm EST appointment). In addition, you must be signed into your Brandeis Google account.

If you are using the Writing Center for the first time or have not reviewed our policies recently, make sure you understand all of our policies listed here. Failure to comply with any of our policies may result in forfeiture of your appointment and possible restrictions on your future use of the Writing Center.

Appointments that you can reserve through this webpage run from 10:30am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Use the appointment calendar below to reserve one of these consultations (or if the calendar does not appear, click on the link). DROP-IN appointments run from 6pm to 9pm, Monday through Thursday. You cannot reserve these consultations in advance (and so they do not appear on the calendar below). Show up IN PERSON starting at 6pm to sign up.

If the Appointment Calendar does not appear below, click here to access it.