Jessica K. Laufer

Jessica Laufer is the Founder and CEO of Laufer Green Isaac (LGI), an award-winning strategic marketing and communications firm that has been a leader in positioning social issues, global corporate citizen- ship, social innovation and strategic philanthropy for nearly 30 years. Named by Ad Week as “an agency with a conscience,” the firm works with leading Fortune 100 companies, long-standing and new wealth philanthropies, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, multinational leadership, and NGOs around the world. Jessica has built her agency and career working at the nexus of business, community and social enterprise to advance significant social change, introduce new concepts, reframe long misunderstood issues or engage and fortify new generations of stakeholders. She has created and launched campaigns focused on a wide range of interests from introducing Recycling for the first time to residents of Los Angeles – in 150 languages – a program that maintains the highest compliance rate of a program its size worldwide; to propelling what has come to be known as “the girl effect” or: that ripple effect that happens when we invest in girls and women in the developing world, and at home, counseling the Nike Foundation, the World Bank, and leading girls and womens groups in the U.S. and abroad (see; engaging the entertainment industry and top tier talent as early adoptors in electric and hybrid car technology in their personal lives and in iconic media seen by millions; to injecting the notion of “philanthropy” into a country for which the concept and language did not yet exist, and in which no philanthropic institution was yet established, then advising that nation’s first soverign Foundation from the ground up – with an initial endowment of $6B; or convening scientists from leading academics and industry collaboratives entities in order to spark and forge strategic partnerships among global leaders, media and CEOs in Davos at the World Economic Forum. Jessica provides strategic positioning and messaging to affect wide scale social change on global and domestic initiatives. She has been recognized as a pioneer in this now burgeoning field of com- munications; featured as a finalist in Inc’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and frequently invited to speaks on win-win partnerships among business, advocacy and nonprofit organizations to affect meaningful and significant consumer and social action. Jessica serves on the Boards of the UCLA Lab School, ASSET – Against Slavery Supply Chain , the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health, Business for Social Responsibility among others, and on the Advisory Boards of The Geffen Playhouse Educational Initiatives, Social Venture Network (SVN), Tand he Archer School for Girls Summer Opportunities Collaborative. Following the events of September 11, Jessica was appointed to The Governor’s (California) Strategic Subcomittee on Terrorism to help launch and guide California’s terrorism preparedness strategy. During the past 6 years, Jessica has participated in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and facilitated expert panel discussion in poverty, education, health and climate change. Jessica has an Masters of Arts degree from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University and as a Visiting Undergraduate Scholar at Harvard University. LGI and Jessica are based in Los Angeles, although she is frequently on the east coast for work, family events, and for her annual summer pilgramage to Woods Hole, MA with her kids Isaac and Emma -- just as she did each and where her scientist father does research at the Marine Biological Labs, just as he has for more than 60 years.