Archived Semesters

Lecture Series

Violence Against Women, Determinants and Consequences
Presented by Jutta Lindert on September 13, 2016

The Age of Longevity
Presented by Rosalind Barnett and Caryl Rivers on September 14, 2016

Autoimmune: Howdumb-isthat?
Presented by Susan Eisenberg on September 20, 2016

How is this Still a Thing? Orchestras Exclude Music by Women Composers
Presented by Liane Curtis on September 22, 2016

Wide Exposure: Illuminating Diversity
Presented by Lou Jones, Guest Speaker on September 27, 2016

"Brother, Can you Spare a Dime?": A Bi-Coastal Love Story
Presented by Lisa Krissoff Boehm on September 28, 2016

The PP Factor
Presented by Edith Coleman Chears on September 29, 2016

Integrative Health Through Music Therapy
Presented by Suzanne B. Hanser on October 19, 2016

"15 Miles Apart" Two Organizers from Opposite Sides of the Tracks, 1960s Roxbury"
Presented by Paula Doress-Worters and Frinde Maher on November 17, 2016

Social Justice and the Power of Compassion
Presented by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard on November 22, 2016

The Paradox of Female Scientists in the Discovery of RNA Splicing
Presented by Pnina G. Abir-Am on November 29, 2016