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Friday, October 24 - Tuesday, December 16

Opening Reception | Friday, October 24, 5-8 pm

Leeza Meksin

Brooklyn-based artist Leeza Meksin will present a site-specific installation and a display of 3-dimensional paintings. Using spandex as her primary material, she explores its expressive, elastic, and mutable application to rigid architectural structures. Meksin's interest in the relationship between buildings, bodies and paintings drives her work, with the spandex acting as a membrane that willfully exposes what it might conceal.

For the outdoor component of her site-specific installation, Meksin will dress the exterior of the WSRC building in a spandex piece that stretches across our thirty-two foot tall building. Viewable from South Street and the Brandeis train station, the WSRC gets a new look and makes a bold and colorful statement.

Leeza Meksin: Big Bounce Leeza Meksin: Big Bounce, installation at the wsrc

Leeza Meksin: Big Bounce

Big bounce, installation view


Opening Reception | Friday, October 24, 5-8 pm

Additional Programming | To be announced

All events will be held at the WSRC and are free and open to the public.

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of Andrea Waldstein and Stephen Robert, children of Mildred Kniznick