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Recent Work by Guhapriya Ranganathan and Nancy Selvage

Thursday, April 28 - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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The Kniznick Gallery explored the connections between science and art with an exhibition of work by painter/printmaker Guhapriya Ranganathan and sculptor Nancy Selvage. 

Ranganathan is currently the artist-in-residence at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass., where she makes art alongside genome researchers who are working in their laboratories. She likens the artistic process to that of scientific research, both of which she believes “involve stepping into the unknown without fixed or definite answers.” In her prints and drawings, she maps cell structures and patterns as they transform and evolve, resulting in images that reference neural networks, root structures, and organisms as seen through a microscope.  “I explore how changes at the microcosmic level lead us to visually and spiritually reflect on the macrocosm,” Ranganathan says.

Nancy Selvage uses a variety of materials—reflective and translucent, solid and visceral—to create sculptures in a wide range of scales, including massive installations and public art. Her sculptures invite the viewer to look at, around, and through the pieces—that is, to see in new ways.  Selvage explores the convergence of content, implied associations and symbolic significance. “As a visual artist, I examine the complexity of experience and phenomena by attempting to see more intensely and coalesce moments of insight,” she says.

Exhibited together, Ranganathan’s and Selvage’s presented two views of how scientific investigation can inform the making of art.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to support from the David Goldberg ’66 and Diana Meehan Endowment for the Arts.


Slide Talk: Science of Art...Art of Science
Wed., April 28 at 6 p.m., Rose Art Museum

Ranganathan and Selvage will join a panel of artists and scientists for a slide presentation of their work and a discussion of how art and science can inspire and inform each other. 

Gallery Talk & Reception
Tuesday, May 4, 5-7 p.m.
5-6 p.m. reception, 6-7 p.m. talk by artists, Kniznick Gallery

When Einstein Meets Picasso: A panel discussion
Tuesday, May 11, 6 p.m.
Women’s Studies Research Center lecture hall

Local arts educators and administrators will share the ways they combine science and art in their programs and curricula. See flier. Featuring:

Bang Wong, Creative Director, Broad Institute
Leila Kinney, Director of Arts Initiatives, MIT
Lisa Monrose, Program Manager, Museum of Science
Todd Bartel, Gallery Director, Garthwaite Center for Science &
Art at The Cambridge School of Weston
Suelin Chen, Ph.D. student and artist, MIT