Gallery & Collection Hours

WSRC, Epstein Building
515 South Street, Waltham
(across from Brandeis/Roberts
commuter rail station)

9 - 5 p.m.
or by appointment

Curator & Director of the Arts:
Susan Metrican

Permanent Collection


"Gymnast" by Judith Morton

The Women’s Studies Research Center’s permanent collection maintains the center's mission of converging research, art and activism. The contemporary and eclectic collection of more than 70 objects includes thought-provoking work in various media by women artists or about issues of interest to women. 

Truly merging art and life, works in the collection are not in storage, but are on view throughout the WSRC, where visitors, scholars and staff experience them daily. Each object in the permanent collection was a gift to the WSRC, either from the artist or a donor.