Application for Consideration

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All inquiries can be sent to Susan Metrican at

Submissions and Proposals

The WSRC Arts Program welcomes submissions and proposals for art exhibitions and projects.  We host four major shows each year selected by the WSRC Arts staff including Founding Director, Shulamit Reinharz, and Curator, Susan Metrican.  Decisions also rely on the assistance of the Exhibitions Committee comprised of WSRC scholars and board members.  This process ensures that we are fulfilling our goals and our mission, and that we are exhibiting art of the highest caliber.  It also ensures the feasibility and practicality of producing each show.

This group meets several times a year to review submissions and proposals and make selections for upcoming exhibitions.  Please be aware that it may take several months to receive a final decision regarding your proposal.


We look for work that:

  • is visually and artistically impressive and original
  • is related to women and gender
  • is activist or feminist in nature
  • asks important questions and provokes dialogue
  • is related to research being done by the Scholars at the WSRC
  • provides a context for education
  • has not been presented locally in the recent past

Additional Information

  • Availability of gallery: We show four exhibitions per academic year;
  • Hadassah-Brandeis Institute affiliation: Each year, one show is sponsored by the HBI; this exhibition must be related to Jews and gender; for more information. please visit HBI online;
  • Advance planning: We schedule exhibitions at least 12-18 months in advance
  • Space: The Kniznick Gallery has more than 125 linear feet of wall space and more than 800 square feet of floor space for exhibition (see floor plan)