Longtime Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center Board Member Makes Leadership Gift

The Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center would like to thank Carol Goldberg and her family for their generous donation in support of our fundraising campaign to raise a $2,000,000 endowment. An article about the gift, written by David Nathan for Brandeis Magazine is reproduced below.

Long before there was a Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) at Brandeis, Carol Rabb Goldberg admired the research being conducted by Shula Reinharz, PhD’77.

“I was so happy to meet an academic who was also an activist,” Goldberg, the former Stop & Shop president and chief operating officer, recalls about her introduction to Reinharz in the early 1990s. “That’s a rare but necessary combination that makes academic scholarship a part of mainstream life.”

Since founding WSRC in 2002, Reinharz and her innovative activist think tank have produced high-level research, then ensured the findings are widely disseminated, to make an impact on society.

A longtime member of WSRC’s board of directors, Goldberg recently made a $250,000 lead gift through the Sidney and Esther Rabb Charitable Foundation (of which she and her husband, Avram, are managing trustees) to support the center’s ongoing fundraising initiative. The goal is to build a $2 million endowment before June 30, 2017, the planned retirement date for Reinharz, WSRC’s director and the Jacob S. Potofsky Professor of Sociology.

“We thank Carol for this generous gift, which will help us continue to make a difference in women’s lives and society at large,” Reinharz says.

Goldberg, who grew up in the 1930s and ’40s, says her parents, Sidney and Esther, supported her plans to attend college and pursue a career.

“I always thought women were men’s equals,” she says. “Whatever women and girls wanted to accomplish, they should be allowed to do. My parents always encouraged that, although the world around me did not.”

After graduating from college, Goldberg joined the family business. She spent 30 years with Stop & Shop. She and her husband later founded the AVCAR Group, a private investment and consulting firm.

Although pleased with the progress of women in the professional world — Goldberg’s daughter, Deb, is the Massachusetts state treasurer — she knows plenty of work remains.

“We’ve come a long way, but there is still quite a distance to go,” Goldberg says. “I know the Women’s Studies Research Center can help us get there.”

If you would like to help us get to our $2,000,000 goal, please reach out to our Director, Shulamit Reinharz by email or phone at (781) 736-2126. Gifts may also be made via the web - just select "other" as your designation and enter "WSRC" in the box.