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Current SSPP Partnership List Spring 2015


Prepared by Kristen Mullin, SSPP Coordinator

  1. Nancer Ballard (Resident Scholar) and Sage Hahn (Student 25 hours) and Katerina Daley (Student 25 hours) – Heroine’s Journey, Part I: The Role of Dreams, Intuition, Prophecy, Speculation and Spiritual Growth in Women’s Journey Alternatives to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’”
  1. Roz Barnett (Resident Scholar) and Alexandra Libstag (Student) – “Reimagining Tomorrow in the Age of Longevity” 
  1. Mary Berg (Resident Scholar) and Claudia Roldan (Student) – “Women’s Education in Peru in the 1880’s – Comparative Study” 
  1. Helen Berger (Resident Scholar) and Christa Caggiano (Student) - “Does Worshipping the Goddess Make You a Feminist?” 
  1. Susan Eisenberg (Resident Scholar) and Ally Schuman (Student) - “’On Equal Terms: Art Installation on Gender Equality”  “Perpetual Care” Art Installation;  “High Voltage Women” 
  1. Janet Freedman (Resident Scholar) and Caleb Chertow (Student) and Sophia Warren (Student) - “Consciousness Raising: Small Groups Around the Globe” 
  1. Amelia LeClair (Resident Scholar) and Elan Wong (Student) – "Musical Performance of Dame Ethel Smyth’s Mass in D" 
  1. Louise Lopman (Resident Scholar) and  Alexandra Hall (Student) – “El Salvadore NOT for Sale: Sweatshop Workers’ Rights in El Salvadore” 
  1. Annette Miller (Resident Scholar) and Michael Duggan (Student) – “Madame, Who Are You?” Theatre Project 
  1. Ruth Nemzoff (Resident Scholar) and Amelia Berg (Student) - “Married Into: Making New In-Law Family Bonds Work” Family Research and Book Publicity 
  1. Rosie Rosenzweig (Resident Scholar) and Rohan Narayan (Student) – “The Varieties of Creative Expression: Interviews with Artists for WAC-TV” 
  1. Phoebe Schnitzer (Resident Scholar) and Cecile Afable (Student) - “Gender Issues in Achievement Concerns: Is “Fear of Success” Still With Us?” 
  1. Pam Swing (Resident Scholar) and Jaime Korner (Student) – “Researching the Life of my Militant, Suffragist Grandmother, Betty Gram Swing” 
  1. Rehel R.  Wasserfall (Resident Scholar) and Reeza Hanselmann (Student) – Our Tables: Eating Together with Strangers: Food, Culture and Sexuality”