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Current SSP Partnership List Fall 2015


Prepared by Kristen Mullin, SSPP Coordinator

1. Pnina Abir-Am (Resident Scholar) and Allison Mazzella (Student) - "Discoveries and Work-Family Models: Women Scientists in RNA Splicing Jobs"

2. Nancer Ballard (Resident Scholar) and Katerina Daley (Student) – "NeuroScience and Evocation in LIterature and Art"

3. Roz Barnett (Resident Scholar) and Kiana Nwaobia (Student) – “The Age of Longevity” 

4. Helen Berger (Resident Scholar) and Christa Caggiano (Student) - “Does Worshipping the Goddess Make You a Feminist?” 

5. Mary Berg (Resident Scholar and Gabe Levin (Student) - South American Literature Project

6.Lora Brody (Visiting Scholar) and Diana Langberg (Student) - The Reunion Project"

7. Janet Freedman (Resident Scholar) and Ruth Fertig (Student) - “The Words To Say It, The Ways To Do it: Language and Feminist Activism)

8. Rajashree Ghosh (Resident Scholar) and Shikha Chandarana (Student) - "Gender and Emerging 'Smart City' Landscape in India"

9. Nance Goldstein (Resident Scholar) and Rebecca Groner (Student) - "Creating an online audio show to help overworked and stressed women Physicians stay in                  and enjoy medicine again"

10. Margaret Gullette (Resident Scholar) and Madeline Rosenberg (Student) - "'How Not to Shoot Old People': book project consisting of cross-over serious                              nonfiction about the traumas of Ageism"

11. Ruth Nemzoff (Resident Scholar) and Ilana Kruger (Student) - “Don't Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws Into Family' book and family Research and Publicity 

12. Phoebe Schnitzer (Resident Scholar) and Lillian Elderkin (Student) - “Gender Issues in Achievement Concerns: Is “Fear of Success” Still With Us?” 

13. Pam Swing (Scholar) and Jaime Korner (Student) - "Betty Gram Swing, Women's Rights Activist"