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Current SSP Partnership List Spring 2016


Prepared by Kristen Mullin, SSPP Coordinator

Student - Scholar Partnership (SSP):  

Partnership List Spring 2016

Prepared by Kristen Mullin, SSP Coordinator

1. Pnina Abir-Am (Resident Scholar) and Allison Mazzella (Student) -  “Discoveries & Work-Family Models: Women Scientists in RNA Splicing”

2. Nancer Ballard (Resident Scholar) and Katerina Daley (Student) - “Neuroscience and Evocation in Literature and Art”

3. Ros Barnett (Resident Scholar) and Clayre Benzadon  (Student) – “Move Over, Ms. Nice”

4. Mary Berg (Resident Scholar) and Gabe Levin (Student) – “Edition of Clorinda Matto de Turner’s ‘Tradiciones cuzquenas (1884)”

5. Susan Eisenberg (Resident Scholar) and Lilah Kleban (Student) “Social Policy Through Art”

6. Janet Freedman (Resident Scholar) and Emma Curnin (Student) – “The Words to Say It, The Ways To Do It: Language and Feminist Activism”

7.  PROJECT ON HOLD Nance Goldstein  (Resident Scholar) and Shamaila Khan (Student) - “Women Physicians Working with Conflict”

8. Margaret Gullette (Resident Scholar) and Danielle Rock (Student) – “How NOT to Shoot Old People (cross-over serious nonfiction about traumas of ageism)”

9. Ruth Nemzoff (Resident Scholar) and Ilana Kruger (Student) – “Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws Into Family”

10. Ellen Rosen (Resident Scholar) and Emily Scharf (Student) – “Frances Perkins book reader and Critique”

11. Karin Rosenthal (Resident Scholar) and Reeza Hanselmann (Student) – “Translating German Letters of Mother/Daughter Communications During Nazi Era Separation”

12. Rosie Rosenzweig (Resident Scholar) and Lauren Chin and Justin Chu (Students) – “’Change-Agents’ Book Project on the Creative Process and Buddhism Elements AND Panel Presentation Helper”

13. Phoebe Schnitzer (Resident Scholar) and Lillian Elderkin (Student) - “Gender and Achievement: The Perceived Consequences of Success”

14. Meiying Zhang (Visiting Research Associate) and Qianran Yang (Student )  - “Mongolian Women’s Development and Grassland Culture Inheritance”