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Contact Student-Scholar Partnership (SSP) Program Coordinator Kristen Mullin.

Current Partnership List


Spring 2014

1. Penina Adelman, Scholar and  Adam Gelman, Student  “Family Memoir Project”

2. Nancer Ballard, Scholar and Katerina Daley, Student and Sage Hahn, Student “Fears Unfounded: How We Are Changed by the Things That Don't Happen - A Narrative Based Multi-Disciplinary Project”

3. Ros Barnett, Scholat and Ellie Driscoll, Student "Are You Ready for a 100-Year Life?"

4. Mary Berg, Scholar and Reyna Plana, Student “Edition of Aven sin nido (Peru 1889) by Clorinda Matto de Turner”

5. Helen Berger, Scholar and Christa Caggiano, Student “Does Worshipping the Goddess Make You a Feminist?”

6. Linda Bond, Scholar and Kimberly Tellez, Student “One + One handprint embroidery workshops”

7. Liane Curtis, Scholar and Rivka Gross, Student “Planning the Amy Beach Sesquicentenial, 2017”

8. Susan Eisenberg, Scholar and Rose Wallace, Student “On Equal Terms / High Voltage Women / Perpetual Care”

9. Janet Freedman, Scholar and Susannah Feinstein, Student “Consciousness-Raising on the Internet”

10. Fran Forman, Scholar and Kesi Kmt, Student “Developing a Marketing Plan for an artist's monograph”

11. Nance Goldstein, Scholar and Leslie Kamel, Student “Creating a Leadership Program for Frontline and Middle Managers that any Hospital would say ‘Yes’ to”

12. Florence Graves, Scholar and Aya Abdelaziz, Student “Schuster Investigative Reporting”

13. Amelia Leclair, Scholar and Elan Wong, Student “Creation of a performance of Dame Ethel Smyth's Mass in D”

14. Louise Lopman, Scholar and Gwen Berumen, Student “El Salvadore NOT for Sale: Women Maquila (Sweatshop) Workers and the Struggle for Dignity, Human Rights and Social Justice”

15. Annette Miller, Scholar and Emily Duggan, Student "Madame, Who Are You?" Theatrical Project re:  Women and Ageing”

16. Ruth Nemzoff, Scholar and Ilana Kruger, Student “Family Bonds Social Media Asst.”

17. Ellen Rosen, Scholar and Uday Jain, Student “Biography of Frances Perkins”

18. Rosie Rosenzweig, Scholar and Joshua Koloski, Student “The Creative Process”

19. Phoebe Schnitzer, Scholar and Cecile Afable, Student "Gender Issues in Achievement Concerns: Is "Fear of Success" Still With Us?”

20. Rhoda Unger, Scholar and Kaitlyn Stewart, Student “Men in Second-Wave Feminist Psychology"

21. Ellen Rovner, Scholar and Maia  Rdriguez-Semp, Student “Food and Women Empowerment Research”