Spring 2013 Application

Hiring decisions will be made on an ongoing, rolling basis.  Please apply soon - We look forward to hearing from you!

SSP Spring 2017 Project Openings

The Student-Scholar Partnership Program - the SSP - is an exciting, paid, mentoring internship for sophomores, juniors and seniors offering educational and real-world experience. Students are hired for 50 hours of meaningful work over the course of a semester and are paid $11.00 an hour.
To apply,  please submit your resumeé to the SSP Listings through the Office of Student Employment online site: https://careers.brandeis.edu/studentjobs/
Job ID# are listed next to the title. If chosen to interview, you may need to fill out the SSP application form and submit a writing sample directly to Kristen Mullin in Epstein at the Women's Studies Research Center. The writing sample can be any length or topic (relevant to project is better).  It needs to show you can take a thought, put it in on paper, and then discuss it clearly and intelligently. Many students have used past graded papers before.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen Mullin, SSP Program Coordinator: mullin@brandeis.edu        

Fall 2017 SSP

Open Position


Project Titles (Scroll down for more detailed information)

1. “Move Over, Ms. Nice” Gender Book Proposal with WSRC Scholar Rosalind Barnett

 Author's Description: In our society, girls from an early age are reared to be “nice;” i.e., selfless, self-sacrificing, and non-assertive. They are also taught to value “openness,” honesty, forthrightness, and self-affirmation.  These two values are mutually exclusive, creating a bind that men do not confront. In our new book, my colleague, Caryl Rivers and I, explore the origins and ramifications, as well as resolution, of this crippling bind. 

 The Student and I will either be finishing a new book proposal, or working on the initial stages of the book, Move Over Ms. Nice. This will be a trade book aimed at a general audience. It will be written in a reader-friendly style, easily accessible to a wide audience,

 The Student will have specific projects. S/he will set up and monitor a social media effort to collect anecdotes from women who have first-hand experience with having to measure up to the Niceness Mandate.  The Student will also read the material Caryl and I have already gathered and identify specific topics of special interest. S/he will then identify a set of issues that are of particular interest and, in discussion with me, figure out what additional material is needed to begin developing a draft. I will work with the SSP to refine and polish the draft. The aim will be to produce several such short draft papers.  Caryl Rivers, a journalism professor at BU will also comment on the drafts.


Related coursework:  Interest in Gender studies, psychology, journalism are all helpful        

Technical Skills: internet savvy, Library skills, writing skills

Past Experience: Some journalism experience would be ideal        

Other: A successful candidate must be a self-starter who is willing to take writing “risks” to further her/his interest in developing good communication skills.