Spring 2013 Application

Hiring decisions will be made on an ongoing, rolling basis.  Please apply soon - We look forward to hearing from you!

SSPP Project Openings

The Student-Scholar Partnership Program - the SSPP is an exciting internship for sophomores, juniors and seniors offering educational and real-world experience while benefiting from a supportive mentoring relationship with a Scholar. Students are hired for 50 hours of meaningful work over the course of a semester and are paid $8.00 an hour.
To apply,  please submit your resumé to the SSPP Listings through the Office of Student Employment online site: https://careers.brandeis.edu/studentjobs/. Job ID# are listed next to the title. If chosen to interview, you may need to fill out the SSPP application form and submit a writing sample directly to Kristen Mullin in Epstein at the Women's Studies Research Center. The writing sample can be any length or topic (relevant to project is better).  It needs to show you can take a thought, put it in on paper, and then discuss it clearly and intelligently. Many students have used past graded papers before.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen Mullin, SSP Program Coordinator: mullin@brandeis.edu
Available Fall 2014 SSPP Opportunities (5) (please scroll down and click on the Project Title for a more detailed position description.)

1. Project Title:  "How Not To Shoot Old People" Book on Ageism   Scholar: Margaret Gullette

2. Project Title:  Website presenting Women's Rights in the Sweatshops of El Salvador    Scholar: Louise Lopman


1. Project Title:  "How Not To Shoot Old People" Book on Ageism
Scholar: Margaret Gullette

I will be researching the last three chapters of my next book, the fifth book in age studies that I have written. The chapters are: The Elder Hostile: Debating Ageism in the College Classroom (combatting ageism on the Internet and among young people through a college composition assignment); Advertisements for Our Scared New World Fantasies of Euthanasia and Pre-emptive Suicide (a movie, a play, a novel, and a lot of media stories make the case that end-of-life situations--especially Alzheimer's-- have gotten so terrifying that suicide or murder are preferred); and Redress: Overcoming Trauma, Repairing Relationships, Healing  Society (milestones of anti-ageist thinking, feeling, and acting).

 The Partner will first read Chapter One and discuss it with me, to make sure s/he understands the concepts and aims of the book. The Partner will be doing research on two or three well-defined topics/ issues, creating bibliographies, and helping with checking references and end-notes.   They will also edit a wikipedia entry.

Scholar: Louise Lopman

El Salvador NOT For Sale explores the impacts of a brutal 12-year Civil War that concluded with the signing of Peace Accords in 1992 and a devastated economy. A main focus is on the emergence of maquilas (sweatshops)  in free trade zones as a result of “free” trade agreements and other U.S. neoliberal policies, and women’s struggle to  win workers’ rights.  Research includes interviews in El Salvador with sweatshop workers, labor organizers, and women’s organizations, as well as observations in the maquila that manufactures for the GAP.

The main responsibility of the student will be to work closely with me in order to advise, create, design, and implement together my first-ever web page. This will involve research of other sociologists’ web pages for ideas in presenting my academic and professional background (from my CV) and all other relevant information in an interesting, relevant and attractive format.  Hopefully, a highlighted feature will be my recently completed book. In conjunction with the web page, the student will select photos and publications, etc. related to my bio and decide on the best means to organize and present them according to their relevance. In short, I will rely heavily on and be very receptive to the student’s talent and expertise in all of these tasks. 

Scholar: Susan Eisenberg
I am looking for a student to assist me in a variety of ways with the On Equal Terms Project and Perpetual Care.
Basically, the OET Project uses personal testimony and thearts as springboards for education, discussion, and action about employment equity, with a focus on women in the construction industry (Iʼve had great SSPs –– none ofthem started with any knowledge about women construction workers!). The Project conducts research, develops national programming (including writing projects –– blog,articles, etc), and organizes national touring for the On Equal Terms installation. Basically, using various vehicles –– witness, analysis, activism, arts –– to change waysof thinking.
Perpetual Care includes a poetry book with photos that I expect to be out this fall, and visual artwork that speaks to experience of serious chronic illness (particularly lupus,auto-immune disease) in relationship to medical system. 
The ideal student will be well-organized, reliable, flexible, and have a strong interest inone or more: visual arts, arts in social policy, public policy and/or labor issues. I think this will be fun and exciting for a student with some combination of those interests. The work will be shifting (sometimes suddenly -- due to external factors), so the student should be someone for whom that's a positive, or at least comfortable. The Student Partner will play a key role in the project, from being a sounding board/ Spring 2014 contributor as ideas develop, to helping with mundane tasks (like xeroxing, transferring material from one medium to another, transcribing, baking letter cookies. . . .) that still need attention to detail.My own work as an artist/policy person has this same range –– very exciting sometimes and sometimes just tasks that can be tedious but are essential.
Some responsibilitieswill vary depending on the studentʼs interests and skills; and responsibilities will shift during the course of the project. I would count on a Student Partner to be more techno-savvy than I am, enough to guide and oversee the On Equal Terms blog, and, if possible, website updates, and maybe even some new venture. Some of the following tasks would be expected. Please let me know which you feel capable of, and where your interests are:*Keep the blog going and update the website;*Research linked to affirmative action in utility industry;*Look for funding sources for projects;*Log or transcribe oral histories of women lineworkers;*Social media and other outreach for Perpetual Care.