Spring 2013 Application

Hiring decisions will be made on an ongoing, rolling basis.  Please apply soon - We look forward to hearing from you!

SSP Fall 2016 Project Openings

The Student-Scholar Partnership Program - the SSP - is an exciting internship for sophomores, juniors and seniors offering educational and real-world experience while benefiting from a supportive mentoring relationship with a Scholar. Students are hired for 50 hours of meaningful work over the course of a semester and are paid $10.00 an hour.
To apply,  please submit your resumeé to the SSP Listings through the Office of Student Employment online site: https://careers.brandeis.edu/studentjobs/
Job ID# are listed next to the title. If chosen to interview, you may need to fill out the SSP application form and submit a writing sample directly to Kristen Mullin in Epstein at the Women's Studies Research Center. The writing sample can be any length or topic (relevant to project is better).  It needs to show you can take a thought, put it in on paper, and then discuss it clearly and intelligently. Many students have used past graded papers before.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen Mullin, SSP Program Coordinator: mullin@brandeis.edu        

Fall 2016 SSP

Open Positions


Project Titles (Scroll down for more detailed information)

1. Scholar Shulamit Reinharz:  Writing a Book based on my Father’s Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust in the Netherlands   (Student Employment Job ID: 525345)

2.  Scholar Liane Curtis:  Celebrating the 150th birthday of the great American composer, Amy Beach – Fall 2017   (Student Employment Job ID: 525347)

3. Scholar Linda Pololi: Physicians in Training - Culture Examination Research Asst.  (Student Employment Job ID: 525350)

Project Details

1.WSRC Scholar and Founder Shulamit Reinharz

Writing a Book based on my Father’s Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust in the Netherlands

Student Employment Job ID: 525345

When my father retired from his job about 40 years ago, one of the first things he did was write his memoirs, covering from the time of his birth to the age of 24 (1921-1945). He gave me a copy of the completed memoir along with hundreds of documents he saved. I need research assistance to: 1) translate documents from German or from Dutch, OR 2) go through all the accumulated archival documents and suggest how they can be incorporated into the book I am writing;  OR 3) go through the library holdings to se what supplementary material belongs in the book.; OR student to read about gender and the Holocaust to see if I have overlooked anything.

Qualifications:  Related coursework: History of the Holocaust, History of Germany, History of the Netherlands, or Jewish History  would be helpful;  Translation skills from German and/or Dutch to English , optional;  Past experience writing a long research paper;  Diligence, reliability, excellent writing skills.


2.  WSRC  Scholar Liane Curtis

Celebrating the 150th birthday of the great American composer, Amy Beach – Fall 2017.

Student Employment Job ID: 525347

 Composer Amy Beach (1867-1944) began her career as a composer in Boston, and wrote her most successful large works while living in that city.   To celebrate her life and works, the student and Scholar will reach out to Boston-area musicians to make sure they are aware of the upcoming anniversary.  They will plan two concerts (and possibly other events, for instance presentations/panel discussions) preceding the concerts, to take place in the fall of 2017.  As time allows, they will also reach out to other musicians and ensembles nationally.  They will keep a calendar of events honoring or celebrating Beach that will take place in her anniversary year.  These events will be listed on the Amybeach.org website that was started in 2014 during my work with my SSP partner at that time. 

Student and Scholar will work with the student collaboratively in planning the events of the anniversary celebration.  They will work together in planning the concert(s) and considering the musicians to include.  They will also work together in gathering the names of musicians and ensembles to let them know about the anniversary.  With their own laptops they  can meet together and work as a team gathering this information writing the correspondence to send out.

Qualifications: Related coursework:  Interest in/knowledge of classical music a plus.  Technical Skills:  good organizational skills.  Ability to use MS Word and Excel.  Good writing skills (clear, accurate, grammatical, engaging)  Similar Professional Interests:  Feminist values. 

3. WSRC Scholar Linda Pololi

Physicians in Training - Culture Examination Research Asst.

 Student Employment Job ID: 525350

The National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine – known as “C - Change” for culture change – is seeking an intern to help prepare and disseminate the first phase results of an ongoing national study on the learning culture for physicians in training  “residents” in US teaching hospitals. The study includes C - Change survey results collected last year from 1708 residents training in internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery and seeks to understand differences in experiences by gender and minority status. Responsibilities will include literature review, development of tables and charts displaying research results, writing and editorial aspects of scholarly manuscript preparation and submission for publication in a peer reviewed journal, and other dissemination activities (presentations, poster sessions, etc.).

Qualifications: Related coursework: Social science research coursework might be helpful; Technical Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT) skills required, facility with library retrieval, experience with Stata or other statistical software a plus; Past Experience:  Design of graphic displays desired. Similar Professional Interests: Interest in health sciences.  Other (please indicate): Attention to detail essential and ability to proofread own work.