Rhythmic background music featuring piano.

Text on video: Copenhagen as your home, Europe as your classroom

Scenes across Copenhagen including water, historic buildings and people outdoors in summer clothing. Students walk around the city and talk with each other in classrooms. Students and professors happily engage in small group discussions. The city streets and parks buzz with festivals, seasonal markets, cultural events, and outdoor music performances.

Unique classroom spaces include churches, historic buildings and outdoors. On your way to class, you will navigate through a network of walking streets, and after class, you can explore squares with outdoor cafes, canals lined with cobblestones and colorful facades, castles surrounded by public gardens, and twisting spires dotting the skyline.

Architecture and design students work on project-based assignments in the studio. Some sketching takes place outdoors drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design culture.

Students walk along the coastline and see and tour windmills up close. They experience different art forms, like live theater. Students handle an athletic shoe as part of a business class. A group travels using public transportation. In a healthcare setting, students get hands-on experience using equipment high-tech dummies.

While in Copenhagen, students can travel to other European destinations, like Paris and Rome.

Text on screen: Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Since 1959. DISabroad.org