Student Life

A group of students smiling by a canal

Summer 2018 students by a canal in The Netherlands


Prior to the start of the program, the Office of Study Abroad will run a pre-departure meeting to help prepare you for your time abroad. If you are unable to attend, an online orientation will be held. You will also receive a number of different pre-departure materials addressing the following topics:

On-site, an orientation program will help you adjust to your new environment and familiarize yourself with the various student support services that are available.

Housing and Meals

You will live in residence halls in The Hague. There are kitchens in the residence halls, and a number of food venues within The Hague. Some meals will be provided by the program within program activities. 

Field Trips and Cultural Events

Local student services and cultural events for the students on this program will be coordinated between the Office of Study Abroad and the Grotius Centre. You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enriching field trips and cultural events within the area.

Independent Travel

It is understandable that you will want to explore other parts of Holland and Europe. You are required to attend classes throughout the week and are expected to schedule your independent travel for the weekends and holidays. In addition, Brandeis requires that you leave a basic copy of your itinerary with a staff member so that you can be quickly contacted in case of an emergency. As the program is an intensive experience, extensive travel during the program is not advisable.

Computers and Library Access

Students who have laptops are encouraged to bring them, especially for purposes of writing papers when the demands on The Grotius Centre facilities are at their greatest. Academic culture in Holland is different than it is in the U.S., and access to and use of computer facilities and libraries will also be different. The Grotius Centre has its own computer facilities with email and internet access, but you must adapt to sharing both equipment and time. Students will also have access to the Peace Palace Library that maintains essential reference works and limited volumes of primary source materials.