Brandeis in Siena
Tuscany, Italy

Students and professors being interviewed on location in Siena. Scenery includes art galleries, frescoes, students in the classroom, architecture, and students painting and sketching.

Professor Jonathan Unglaub, Art History, Brandeis University: Siena is really the perfect city in Italy for a short summer program.

Lisa Nonken, Academic Director, Siena Art Institute: Students have the chance to explore Siena both in our group excursions as well as in free time to really experience both the contemporary culture as well as the history of the area.

Unglaub: This is a Brandeis program, we’re arranged, organized in collaboration with the Siena Art Institute, and the courses offered here are Brandeis courses, so there is direct transfer of credit of grades.

Text on video: Five-week intensive summer program combining studio art and art history courses.

Professor Joseph Wardwell, Painting, Brandeis University: The studio course is intensive but it’s open to students of all backgrounds and levels who can benefit from the immersive environment. The painting course focuses on traditional painting techniques, such as glazing from {not sure] but interweaves subject matter from their contemporary experience here abroad.

Professor Roberto Fineschi, Art History, Siena Art Institute: Siena and the Florentine art of this period represent a crucial chapter in the development of Western art history. To have the chance to be here in the place that produced that art is an incredible experience for those interested in art and art history.

Yale Cohen, art history major: As an art history student, for me, it’s an amazing opportunity just to be in proximity to all the artworks and get to experience them in person and see them in real life.

Ayung Joo Khang, art history/English major: Here you can feel it, you can talk to it, you can interact with the artwork itself.

Thomas Hearne, art history/studio art major: You get the true sense of scale and color and especially with all these gilded backgrounds, you really get the sense of the shine.

Kai Him Chu, biology/studio art major: Well for me, I really like the sense of community here in Siena.

Alison Simon, studio art/computer science major: As a painter, I think it’s so important to actually get to see the works up close and what the artists have done and it’s so amazing to do all of this in such an amazingly inspiringly beautiful landscape as well.

Summer 2015 students:

Lindsay Blumenkrantz
Yilin Cai
Kai Him “Lawrence” Chu
Yael Cohen
Jaclyn Hammond
Thomas Hearne
Myung Joo Khang
Lilah Kleban
Kalam Ngai
Alison Simon
Alva Stux
Jasmine Temple
Yimi Wang

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