International Education

Studying abroad gives students an opportunity to explore first-hand many of the concepts, places, and stories from their work at Brandeis. It can create a more fruitful overall learning experience and push students to think in new ways on a variety of topics.

Some examples of student experiences:

  1. Gaining fluency in a language is why many students study abroad. While nervous at first, once in the country, students overcome these nerves and come back to campus confident in their language of study.
  2. A student studying international development in the classroom as an International and Global Studies major can then study in an actual developing country in Africa and witness some of the theories and projects they've learned about. Studying abroad allows students to learn and connect the dots of their classroom experiences in a new way.

Students also develop on a personal level when abroad, especially in these areas:

Professional Impact

An experience abroad, whether learning, volunteering, or completing an internship, can make a significant impact on a students' professional journey. They may find themselves wanting to work in a more international capacity or the country of their studies. The Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis can be a helpful place for students to learn about how to do an international job/internship search. Many graduate schools look for students who have an understanding of various cultures and have had an international experience.

It's also important for students to remember to include their study abroad experience on their resumes. For an example of how this can be done, please review these sample resumes, courtesy of the Hiatt Career Center.

Academic Fellowships

Students who study abroad may also be interested in pursuing Academic Fellowships upon their return from abroad. Studying abroad  prepares students for the application process, helps them brainstorm research ideas, and also makes them stronger candidates compared to other applicants.

Students who study abroad are also more likely to win national scholarships. Past winners include:

Many alumnae of Brandeis are positively impacted by their studies abroad. Some examples include: