Information for Graduate Students

Student Accessibility Support provides a range of supports to graduate students with disabilities.

Requesting Accommodations

request Accommodations Now

Disclosing a disability and requesting accommodations are personal decisions. Brandeis does not require you to disclose the existence of a disability, but requesting accommodations does require that you disclose your disability. Be sure to contact SAS as soon as possible to ensure all your accommodations are delivered in a timely manner.

If you are ready to request accommodations, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Submit your initial request and documentation.
    Complete the “Initial Accommodation Request - Graduate Students.” If you do not include disability documentation when completing the form, then please contact us for additional instructions.
  2. Schedule a meeting.
    After completing the request form, email Student Accessibility Support for a meeting.
  3. Meet with SAS.
    Meet with an accessibility specialist to discuss your personal history and the accommodations you are requesting

After the meeting with an accessibility specialist, SAS will prepare a confidential letter for you to take to each instructor, and will help coordinate other services as necessary.

Request Forms

This is a listing of the relevant request forms. All forms are completed online and are confidential. 

Grievance or Appeals Procedure

If a student has a concern about a disability accommodation that was denied or only partially granted by Student Accessibility Support (SAS) or a concern about how a disability accommodation (approved by SAS) is being implemented in the classroom, that student may be able to file a grievance.

For more information, see the ADA/Section 504 Student Grievance Process on the Office of Equal Opportunity website.