BUGS Tutors Biographies

Headshot of tutor Anjay Stone
Anjay Stone- he/him (Arabic 10a, 30a)

I am from Maryland and majoring in International & Global Studies and Economics. I lived in Egypt for several years of my childhood and there I developed a deep appreciation for the Arabic language. I look forward to sharing this with other students by supporting their Arabic learning.

Headshot of tutor Annabelle Fitch
Annabelle Fitch- she/her (Psychology 10a)
Hi there! I'm a rising junior from western Massachusetts double-majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. Outside of academics, I work for the Howard lab as a Schiff Fellow and as a CA. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
Headshot of tutor Carina Luo
Carina Luo- she/her (back up for Chemistry 11a/b, 15a/b, 18a/b, 19a/b)

Hello! I'm a sophomore from California majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Music. I look forward to helping you discover that chemistry is an accessible and interesting subject. 

Headshot for tutor Carol Xu
Carol Xu- she/her (Biochemistry 88b, 100a)
Hi everyone! My name is Carol Xu, and I am from Shanghai, China. I am currently a junior majoring in biochemistry. To me, the most fantastic part of biochemistry is the very different perspective of life it provides! I also love trying diverse cuisine and cooking in my free time. I hope you guys enjoy the class. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me when you need help!
Headshot of tutor Chengrui (Chelsea) Wu
Chengrui (Chelsea) Wu (Neuropsychology 199a)
Hi! I am a senior majoring in psychology and education, and minoring in east asian studies. I have two years experience working at the CoPE lab. I am so excited to talk with you about all the fun stuff regarding neuroscience, mental health, and psychology! I am looking forward to helping you get through–and hopefully enjoy–anything you need help with. So nice to meet you!
Headshot of tutor Christine Le
Christine Le- she/her (Hispanic Studies 104b, 105a, 106b)
Hello! I'm a Junior from Quincy, MA currently majoring in Biology and minoring in Hispanic Studies. I speak 4 languages and I've been studying Spanish for over 7 years! I love learning about different languages and cultures. I'm excited to be the HISP 104B, 105A, and 106B BUGS tutor. I look forward to meeting you all!
image of student Cindy Yao
Cindy Yao- she/her (Chinese 10a, 29b, 30a, 100a, 105a)
Hello! My name is Cindy and I am a rising junior from China. I am double-majoring in Economics and Linguistics. Love to talk about language and culture! Really excited to help with learning and make friends!"
Headshot of tutor Dana Jaffe
Dana Jaffe- she/her (Psychology 51a)

Hi everyone! I am a current junior majoring in psychology with minors in anthropology and East Asian studies. I love teaching others, so I am excited to make Psyc 51A a more positive experience for students!  

Headshot of tutuor Daniel Chodorow
Daniel Chodorow (Hebrew 10a, 19a, 20b, 34a, 44b)
Hello everyone! My name is Daniel, and I am a sophmore from Washington, D.C. I grew up attending Jewish day schools, which is where my love for the Hebrew language came from. Having previously lived in Israel for multiple summers and taught Hebrew to my fellow Jews in central Africa, I cannot wait to assist the students enrolled in Hebrew courses here at Brandeis!
headshot of tutor Edward Friedman
Edward Friedman (Biology 42a)

Hi, I am Eddie and from New Jersey! I am a senior and studying HSSP where I enjoy learning about the human system. A cool fact is that your blood vessels can actually wrap around the world if it is stretched out! I am excited to be learning, working, and exploring with you in this course!

Headshot of tutor Elayne Chen
Elayne Chen- she/her (Economics 2a, 10a, 20a)
Hello! I'm a junior double majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics. I'm also looking to minor in Business. I'm really excited to help with Econ2a, 10a, and 20a because I love the theoretical and practical aspects of the curriculum. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Headshot of tutor Emily Adelson
Emily Adelson- she/her (Business 6a, 71a, Study Skills Tutor)

Hi! I’m a junior majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in HSSP. I’m from just outside of Brandeis and I’m so excited to work with you this semester on both finance and study skills! I’m so excited to tutor these subjects because of how useful the information you learn is in and outside the classroom. I am very excited to work with you all!

Headshot of tutor Emma Caracciolo-King
Emma Caracciolo-King (Italian 10a, 30a, 20b, 134b)

Hi! I'm from Brookline, Massachusetts and Florence, Italy, and grew up going back and forth between the two. I’m a junior studying biology and HSSP and I look forward to working with students who are studying Italian.

Headshot of tutor Eric Blum
Eric Blum- he/him (Greek 10a, 30a; Latin 10a, 30a)

Hi! I'm a junior from New York majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in Linguistics. My main interests in Classics surround Homer and Archaic Greek Poetry as well as the comparative analysis of Greek and other ancient poetic traditions. I'm also a big fan of modernist literature, particularly Joyce's Ulysses. I love talking about the Ancient Greek language, and I look forward to working with you!

Headshot of tutor Helen Yang
Helen Yang- she/her (Economics 28b, 80a, 82b, 83a, 184b)

Hi! I am a senior from Shanghai, China. I am double majoring in Applied Math and Economics. I enjoy intermediate economics courses and econometrics as they combine economics theories with mathematical applications and are very useful in data analysis. I look forward to helping you discover more about economics!

Headshot of tutor Iku Tsujihiro
Iku Tsujihiro- she/her (Japanese 10a, 30a, 105a)
Hi!! I am a rising junior from Tokyo, Japan, and am majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Legal Studies. I started appreciating Japanese more as I learned English as my second language when I went to middle school in NY. With my experience in learning a second language, I hope to support everyone who needs help!
Headshot of Tutor Jessie Gronowitz
Jessie Gronowitz (Music 101a, 102a, 103a, 104a)
Hi all! I'm from Teaneck, NJ, and I'm majoring in Music and minoring in Psychology and Education. I'm a senior and I'm super excited to be the BUGS tutor for music theory this year! Come to me if you need help with anything from reading music to analyzing super fun crazy chords!
Headshot of tutor Joey Pendleton
Joey Pendleton- he/him (Philosophy 6a)

Hi everyone, I'm a Sophomore from Sudbury, Massachusetts double majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. I really enjoyed this course when I took it, and got a lot out of it, so I'm looking forward to working with all of you.

Headshot of tutor Karen Mai
Karen Mai- she/her (Math 10a/b)
Hello! My name is Karen Mai, and I am a rising freshman from Boston. I plan to major in Computer Science, Math, and Business along with minors in Psychology, HSSP, and Economics. I enjoy learning math and especially helping others understand it too! One of my favorite parts about Calculus is the numerous applications of it in a variety of fields. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy volleyball, snowboarding, and baking. I am excited to meet others and offer help!
Headshot of tutor Katie Lyons
Katie Lyons- she/her (Chemistry: 11a, 15a, 18a, 19a)

Hi, my name is Katie Lyons, and I am a sophomore from northern Florida. I am currently majoring in Biochemistry on the Pre-Med track. I look forward to meeting you and helping you as you discover chemistry.

Headshot of tutor Keren Schneidinger
Keren Schneidinger- she/her (German 10a, 30a)
I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. I am majoring in Psychology with minors in NEJS and legal studies and am tutoring German. As German is my mother tongue I am excited to help others learn and answer any questions they may have whether it be about the language or culture.
Headshot of tutor Liliana Perez Diaz
Liliana Perez Diaz- she/her (Hispanic Studies 10a, 20b)
Hey! I am double majoring in Business and Economics with a minor is SJSP. I grew up speaking Spanish at home and love to help people understand the Spanish language. I believe that being able to understand more than one language is becoming increasingly important which is why I look forward to assisting anyone that needs help!
Headshot of tutor Matthew Bernstein
Matthew Bernstein- he/him (Neuropsychology 11b)
My name is Matthew Bernstein and I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Anthropology and HSSP. I am also in a neuroscience lab and involved with Waltham Group and admissions. I loved taking NPSY 11B and can't wait to share that excitement with all of you this year.
Headshot of tutor Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen- he/him (Computer Science 10a, 12b, 21a)
Hi everyone, I'm a junior from Vietnam majoring in Business, Economics, and Computer Science. Although I started the Computer Science major later on in my undergraduate journey, I have developed a deep interest in the subject as it provides you with highly practical and useful skills. I look forward to helping you with these exciting courses!
Headshot of tutor Pramath Kalelkar
Pramath Kalelkar- he/him (Chemistry 25a, 29a; Physics 10a/b, 11a/b, 15a/b, 18/b, 19a/b)

Hey everyone!!! I am Pramath Kalelkar, and I am honored to be an individual born in Mumbai, India, and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and Watchung, New Jersey. I am a current pre-medical senior pursuing a dual bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry. I have been an active member of EduMate NYC, where I provide free tutoring services to low-income students. In addition, I have been a Research and Mentorship Administrator for the non-profit organization, Planned Acts of Kindness, where I created educational, mental health programs focused on suicide prevention. Finally, as an active Eagle Scout and senior camp staff member for the Boy Scouts of America, I will be dedicated to serving your needs as an effective tutor and mentor. Whether you would like to develop your time management skills, learn how to study more effectively, or simply have a listening ear, I am confident that I will allow you to have fun as you navigate through Brandeis’s challenging and rigorous coursework.

Headshot of tutor Rebecca Spitzer
Rebecca Spitzer- she/her (Biology 14a, 15b, 18b)
Hi everyone! I'm a junior from Englewood, NJ, and I'm majoring in Biology and minoring in Linguistics. I'm so excited to be a resource for anyone who wants some extra help in biology!
Headshot of tutor Sarah Wintner
Sarah Wintner- she/her (Legal Studies 10a)

Hi! My name is Sarah Wintner and I am a senior majoring in history. I am very passionate about legal studies and am looking forward to tutoring for LGLS 10a! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Headshot of tutor Shayna Field
Shayna Field- she/her (Hispanic Studies 10a, 20b, 32a, 34a)

Hi everyone! I am a senior from New Jersey. I am majoring in HSSP with a minor in Psychology on the pre-medical track. I love tutoring Spanish because I like having conversations with people and teaching them new aspects of the language. I’m excited to get to know you and work with you!

Headshot of tutor Simon Botbol
Simon Botbol- he/him (French 10a, 20b, 32a, 104b)

Hi everyone! My name is Simon, I am a junior majoring in Biology and Neuroscience. I grew up on the Champs-Élysées, moved to England and then I found myself here. In my free time I enjoy cooking and old movies. I'll try my best to make you enjoy French a little more!

Headshot of tutor Soomin Ahn
Soomin Ahn- she/her (Korean 10a, 30a)

Hello! I am a rising Junior majoring in English, and I'm really excited to meet you! I'm a sucker for organization and helping you find your own way of studying and improving your Korean skills. I believe everyone has different ways of learning, and I want to help you lean into yours. Stop by if you'd like to practice speaking, reading, listening, or writing in Korean, or if you need any help seeing progress in your class!

Headshot of tutor Steven Lazarevsky
Steven Lazarevsky- he/him (Russian 10a, 20b, 30a)

I am a rising junior from San Francisco, CA. I have grown up speaking Russian and would love to pass on my love for the language to you all. I would love to become your resource in speaking practice and helping you with any questions that you may have.

Headshot of tutor Yoyo Wu
Yoyo Wu- she/her (Biology 16a)

Hi, I'm Yoyo Wu and I'm a junior majoring in Chemistry and Biology on the pre-med track. My favorite thing about tutoring for evolution and biology is to how you'll be able to explain the diversity and pattern of life on Earth using evolution. I'm very excited to work alongside of you all and feel free to reach out to me anytime so I can help.