How to Submit Medical/Disability Meal Plan Accommodation Requests

Brandeis University’s goal with respect to students who have dietary concerns is to accommodate these needs, whenever possible, by providing appropriate foods, methods of preparation, and service in the dining halls. 

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Dining Services dietitian, Karen Jew.
  2. Download and bring the completed Meal Plan Accommodation Initial Meeting Form (PDF) to your meeting with the Dining Services dietitian. If accommodation with the dining halls is sufficient, the student will develop a written management plan together with Dining Services.

    Most students work successfully with the Dining Services dietitian to accommodate their needs. Students who need more than steps 1 and 2 are encouraged to engage steps 3 and 4 and will be directed to the Medical/Disability Meal Plan Accommodation Medical Provider Form.

  3. Complete page one, and request that your doctor complete/submit the Medical/Disability Meal Plan AccommodationMedical Provider Form to the Health Center as directed on the form. Please note that by making this request you are releasing the Medical Provider Form to the parties comprising the campus Medical/Disability Dietary Needs Committee.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the Brandeis nutritionist, Carolyn Butterworth, by calling the Health Center, at 781-736-3696.
  5. Meet with nutritionist and Sodexo registered dietitian together to work out a plan, if directed to do so by the nutritionist.
  6. The Brandeis nutritionist, Health Center, Dining Services dietitian, and Disabilities Services staff will meet in committee to arrive at a written recommendation representing both the student’s responsibilities and the university’s obligation. This recommendation will be communicated to both the student and the representative for University Operations.

Note: Meal Plan Accommodation Plans stay in effect through the academic year in which they are created; students should initiate a new request for the next academic year.  Also, students who are approved for a kitchen requested through the housing accommodation process remain obligated to the meal plan that is mandated as part of the housing contract; housing with a kitchen does not equate with being taken off the meal plan.

Revised June 20, 2016