Summer School Services

Summer School students visiting from other universities should email the following items to

Visiting students should also schedule a half-hour meeting with our office to register and initiate their accommodation letters.

Brandeis students already registered with Student Accessibility Services should email   class name, instructor name, session number, and exam dates to

Brandeis Summer School

Academic Accommodations

Pedagogically and philosophically, Brandeis University supports the teacher-student relationship, reinforces academic evaluation as a critical dimension of learning, and is inclusive of students with disabilities, as opposed to separating and marginalizing them.

Academic Accommodation Letters

Summer School students will register with Student Accessibility Support, in Academic Services, Usdan 130. Students will pick up their Academic Accommodation letters from Student Accessibility Support and deliver them directly to their faculty.  

Low Distraction Test Location

Low distraction location does not require that the student test alone; the number of students testing together should be fewer than twenty. Only students with low distraction accommodation should test separately from a class (size greater than twenty) for their entire test time. Low-distraction Final Exams (for class size greater than twenty) will be administered by the Summer School Office.

Extended Time Accommodation

This accommodation applies to all time-constrained academic assessment, including quizzes, exams,  in-class writing for a grade, or a take-home exam limited to only a few days. For Final Exams , instructors escort students who wish to use approved extended exam time to the proctored setting designated by the Summer School Office.

Extended time does not apply to papers or other assignments. Students should be notified well in advance of a long-term assignment and its due date. Even when a disability means that writing or organizing requires more processing time than for the average student, the students with disabilities need to pace themselves to get the work done. Because some students received extra time on assignments in high school, this can contribute to a misunderstanding of the extra time accommodation at Brandeis. Also, some believe that if a task takes them longer, the accommodation is obligatory. Please note that the guidance on accommodations in higher education differs from high school settings.

When students do request an extension of an additional day or two, the response is the instructor's prerogative. Blanket permission to have extensions on course work does not reinforce the necessity (and skill development) to work on long-term assignments in sequential steps over time. A pattern of being behind on work undermines a student’s learning in a course.

Exam Laptops

The exam laptop accommodation requires that the student reserve an exam laptop through Student Accessibility Support, in Academic Services, at least a week in advance of the test date. We make sure a laptop is fully charged and labeled for the particular student to pick up about ten minutes before their exam time. As our laptops are Internet-disabled, we recommend the same proctoring that is done for all students taking the exam. The student returns the laptop to Student Accessibility Support immediately following the exam. Our staff emails the exam document to the instructor soon thereafter.

Students with laptop accommodation test with their class (unless approved for low distraction); you might arrange quietly with these students to have them sit in the back of the room for some separation from other testers.

Notetaking Services

Notetakers are provided to students whose disability hampers their notetaking ability. For students who must be absent for illness or surgery, please assist them in tapping a classmate who can share their notes. Class notes posted on LATTE are a universal tool that can strengthen all student engagement.

Test Locations (except for Final Exams)

Instructors often use a nearby classroom or conference room for the reduced distraction accommodation. This is ideal, as the instructor can address instructions or questions from all students.

Faculty can request help from the academic department to use space associated with the department.  Faculty who need assistance in finding an additional space should contact the Summer School Office.

Proctors (except for Final Exams)

The best exam proctors are instructors or graduate students associated with the course or department.  Communication and observations during exams are central to learning and assessment in the course.  If you are unable to proctor for an accommodation, try to arrange for proctoring from within the Summer School Office.

Conflicts for Extended Time Accommodation

If an extended time accommodation will present a conflict with a scheduled class that follows immediately after the class that is having the exam, the student should discuss this with the instructor well before the exam date.  A mutually agreed-upon alternate time should be provided, whether it be having the student begin the exam early or scheduling at a completely different time.

Extended time accommodations for evening exams, by mutual agreement, are often provided by starting the student before the regular start time.

Student Accessibility Services and Support

If you have any question or concern regarding your students with disabilities, please contact us. Students with disabilities can meet with our staff should they need some assistance or advocacy as well.

Residence Halls

To discuss medical/disability needs for the Residence Halls, please refer to the Department of Community Living.