Arts at Brandeis


The arts are a way of life at Brandeis. 


[Orchestral Music plays in background]

Text on screen: Arts at Brandeis.

Video on screen: Students sitting inside a classroom art studio.

Voiceover: (multiple people, faculty and students not shown) The more time you spend on art, the more you evolve - consciously or not.

Video on screen: Student wearing headphones sitting in front of a canvas; hand dipping a paintbrush on a painter's palette.

Video on screen: Student painting.

Text on screen: 40 Studio Courses Offered.

Video on screen: Ballet dancers; student trying on a hat.

Voiceover: We treat the students like artists. We expect them to come in and work like artists.

Video on screen: Close-up of a cello.

Video on screen: Ballet dancers.

Text on screen: Students run more than 40 arts and culture clubs.

Voiceover: The studio spaces are the place where I can play with ideas I get from other classes.

Video on screen: Student smiling; student hanging a plaster head.

Video on screen: Student cutting wood.

Voiceover: The really exciting part about teaching at a liberal arts university is that the students are always coming in with things from their outside disciplines, things from their personal lives. 

Video on screen: Closeup of a computer screen with animation on it.

Video on screen: Student sitting at a computer; animation of a design program on computer screen.

Video on screen: Professor with two students in an art classroom. 

Voiceover: And at a certain point you start to see those things arise.

Video on screen: Student writing on a music sheet.

Video on screen: Student playing piano.

Video on screen: Orchestra in a theater.

Video on screen: Student adjusting a violin/cello bow in front of a sheet of music.

Video on screen: Students in a play.

Text on screen: Over 300 Professional and Student Art Events Annually.

Voiceover: All of the artists in the Fine Arts Department create very intimate experiences in the studio with their students. 

Video on screen: Students rehearsing a dance number on a stage.

Voiceover: They build trust and they build a very rigorous studio practice.

Video on screen: Closeup of sketches.

Video on screen: Professor speaking with a student.

Video on screen: Professor at a piano directing students.

Video on screen: Students in a classroom learning a dance routine.

Text on screen: The Rose Art Museum Holds More Than 8,000 Artworks.

Video on screen: Shot of the Rose Art Museum.

Video on screen: Students in an orchestra.

Voiceover: They're showing us what can be accomplished by playing music together.

Video on screen: Closeup of student sketching; student wearing headphones.

Voiceover: I realized that I could shape this into a career. 

Video on screen: Closeup of student sketching a rose/flower.

Video on screen: Closeup of a sketch of a woman's face in profile.

Voiceover: There's that infrastructure here to support you.

Video on screen: Students sketching; closeup of a sculpture of a man's face.

Video on screen: Student mixing paint; student standing in a small studio space in front of a window, mixing paint.

Voiceover: I like making work that challenges people's expectations.

Video on screen: Closeup of a painting.

Video on screen: Student dancing on stage.

Video on screen: Student using an art tool to push paint across a piece of paper.

Video on screen: Quick shots of student mixing paint, student playing piano, student pushing a flat piece of wood across a design board/table, student turning a crank on table top etching press, student cleaning their hands, student laying a piece of paper on a design board.

Voiceover: Through my artwork and my exhibitions on campus, I get to encounter other people that I wouldn't necessarily encounter during my day-to-day life.

Video on screen: Students dancing on a stage, panning across a painting, group of students singing.

Text on screen: 9 a cappella Groups.

Text on screen: 10 Musical Ensembles.

Video on screen: Orchestra on a stage.

Voiceover: You play for an audience and you have the ability to affect them in some way. 

And I think that's a really powerful thing.

Video on screen: Students in a play.

Video on screen: Student standing in front of a microphone on a stage.

Video on screen: Audience cheering.

Text on screen:

Text on screen: Music "Shooting Star" by Dexter Britain.