Social Justic at Brandeis

Social justice is part of everything we do at Brandeis University.


[Background music] 

Text on screen: Social Justice at Brandeis. 

Video on screen: Woman speaking.

Faculty member: Brandeis students want to go out and change the world, and they want to do it tomorrow. 

In fact, maybe last night.

Text on screen: Students complete more than 60,000 community service hours annually.

Video on screen: Sped-up large crowd of students at tables.

Faculty member (female, shown): Study abroad, social justice...They're deeply engage in issues around the world.

Video on screen: Young girl sitting at a table, smiling.

Video on screen: Student and young girl sitting at a table, playing hangman.

Student A (female, not shown): It's a very vibrant community of people.

Video on screen: Student with a group of women in India.

Student B (female, not shown):Brandeis made me a person who's willing to listen to other perspectives.

Student C (female, not shown):I was able to see people who live in different kind of communities, and how they have different struggles and different things that they go through.

Video on screen: Sped-up car driving down a street.

Video on screen: Man and woman digging in the dirt with back hoes.

Text on screen: Ranked #1 in student engagement in community service by Princeton Review.

Student C (female, not shown):I just felt compelled to get involved.

Video on screen: Young girl playing with a cardboard bee; picking up colored markers; playing hangman.

Student D (male, not shown): I don't want to be just a professional. I want to be a professional that has values.

Video on screen: Man in a classroom in front of a chalkboard.

[Light music and natural sounds]

Text on screen: Annual social justice festival sponsors over 47 events.

Video on screen: Stirring paint in a paint can.

Student A (female, not shown): Before you can really affect someone's life, you need to meet them, you need to see them, you need to have an interaction and share an experience with them.

Video on screen: Woman painting a mural on white bricks.

Video on screen: Student with a young girl playing hangman.

Student C (female, not shown): I learned the importance of being involved in people's lives.

Video on screen: Group of women and children in India.

Video on screen: Boy sitting on the edge of a bathtub playing with a piece of wood.

Student B (female, not shown): Social change takes time. And I learned at Brandeis that it's the incremental change that is going to eventually add up.

Text on screen: 200 volunteers helped build the prospect hill housing project playground.

Video on screen: Sped-up group of volunteers building a playground.

Video on screen: Shot of a slide on a playground.

Student A (female, not shown):To me, social justice means acceptance.

Video on screen: Group of men and women dancing.

[Light background music]

Student B (female, not shown): We need to see the humanity in all of us.

Video on screen: Children running and waving.

Student C (female, not shown): Being here has helped me understand you can coexist with each other when you understand each other's stories.

Video on screen: Students sitting in a car talking.

Video on screen: Children playing on a playground.

[Light music and sounds of children laughing]

Text on screen:

Text on screen: Music "Nothing to Fear" by Dexter Britain.