Divisions / Departments

The School of Arts and Sciences comprises 23 academic departments, organized under four academic divisions.

Division of Creative Arts

Programs dedicated to the belief that art is a vital aspect of the human condition and an essential component of interdisciplinary learning.

Department Chair/Director Administrator
Fine Arts
Peter Kalb and Susan Lichtman  Christine Dunant Kahn
Music Karen Desmond Mark Kagan
Theater Arts Dmitry Troyanovsky Alicia Hyland

Division of Humanities

Engages the ideas, texts, images and language cultures that have shaped human experience across time and place.

Department Chair/Director Administrator
Classical Studies Darlene Brooks Hedstrom David DeVore
English John Burt Lisa Pannella
German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature Robin Miller Jennifer He 
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Jon Levisohn Sarah Lupis
Philosophy Kate Moran Julie Seeger
Romance Studies Fernando Rosenberg Katie Dickinson

Division of Science

Combines world-class research with a first-rate liberal arts education in an intimate setting where faculty and students work closely.

Department Chair/Director Administrator
Biochemistry Dan Oprian Natahsa Baker
Biology Liz Hedstrom Erin Bailey
Chemistry Barry Snider Meghan Hennelly
Computer Science Tim Hickey Michael Golitsyn
Mathematics Olivier Bernardi Catherine Broderick
Physics Mike Hagan Laura Woolf
Psychology Bob Sekuler Phil Gnatowski

Division of Social Sciences

Provides students with the skills and perspectives they will need to become engaged citizens and discerning consumers of information.

Department Chair/Director Administrator
African and African American Studies Faith Smith Betsy Loren Plumb
Anthropology Charles Golden Laurel Carpenter
Economics Betsy Brainerd Leslie Yancich
History Greg Freeze Martha Cronin
Politics Eva Bellin Rosanne Colocouris
Sociology Laura Miller Cheryl Hansen
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies ChaeRan Freeze Alexandra Brandon