School of Arts and Sciences

Experiential Learning and Teaching

student and faculty member conduct research in lab

Experiential learning and teaching at Brandeis is designed to help students learn from their experiences and to create experiences from which students will learn. We create deep, reflective and transferable learning outcomes by partnering with both faculty and students.

Experiential learning and teaching at Brandeis comes in many forms: community-engaged learning; experiential learning practicum courses; academic internship courses; labs; language classes; theater and fine arts; and many experiential learning-designated humanities and science courses. Often, experiential learning takes place outside of the classroom and in the field, where students apply their knowledge to hands-on experiences.

But just as often, experiential learning and teaching at Brandeis can be found in a traditional classroom. Through active learning and reflective processes that connect theory to practice and facilitate the synthesis of new ideas, Brandeis faculty incorporate experiential learning principles into their daily teaching. This innovative pedagogy allows students to broaden, deepen and enrich their relationship to the content/subject matter and gives students the opportunities to actively apply and connect their learning to their own life experiences.