Practicum Courses

The experiential learning practicum is an exciting option for faculty and students to explore course material on a deeper level.

Brandeis offers a variety of experiential learning practicum courses that focus on both the theoretical and experiential realms of course topics, in all disciplines, enabling students to develop skills, knowledge and values from practical experiences and ongoing reflection. Practicum courses include projects that can involve research, lab work, community-based learning activities, theater or art.

A practicum is a two-credit course attached to a relevant base course and is an option for students who are interested in deepening their engagement with the subject matter. Students who are taking, or have completed, the associated base course can register for the practicum. Students may complete the practicum either concurrently with the base course or up to one year after completing the base course.

Six-credit courses in which experiential learning is an integral and required component of the course are also available.


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