Project Management

The PI has the responsibility to make sure that:

  • Submitted charges are in the budget and in the budget justification
  • Submitted charges are reasonable/allowable
  • Funds are available to make payments
  • Charge has been processed through COUPA
  • P-card charges are reconciled monthly 

The PI can work with Procurement to set up vendor agreements and Purchase Orders. Procurement will provide training for any of their services. Department/Division Administrators can provide guidance and information on procedures and processes related to procurement. The Grant Administrator will advise you of your funding availability, and whether or not the expense can be charged to the grant or not.

The financial management of an award relies on the teamwork of the PI, Grant Administrator, and SPA. As the PI your main point of contact will be with your grant administrator. The grant administrator oversees your entire portfolio (whether one or more grants). This includes:

  • Reviewing the NOA to help monitor for any budget requirements or restrictions (for example, salary or travel)
  • Monitoring spending and tracking encumbrances
  • Providing a monthly financial report to the PI
  • Analyzing financial data monthly
  • Helping keep both interim and final reports on schedule
  • Working with SPA and Procurement to keep finances on track

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